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This Creeps Me Out

I took my flash out again today to continue exploring how to use it to make art.

The pictures I’m taking look like double exposures. Instead of exposing two different scenes in the same image, however, I’m combining the feeling of two different times of day: dark and light. 44 more words


Sometimes You Have to Play

The beginning of the year in the studio until now and continuing are painting commissions and exhibits to prepare for. I am not complaining. No way! 270 more words


Week 9

I’m really excited about this set of photos. I might be imagining, but they feel different than what I’ve done earlier – more dynamic and alive. 259 more words


Week 8

This week I began paying closer attention to focal length. I switched my 17mm prime lens (34mm equiv.) for an 12-40mm zoom; it’s a lot heavier and thus more to lug around, but I can easily move from wide angle to portrait length and everything in between. 328 more words


Week 7

If I were a blue painted shim, I would love warming myself in the sun

So much to choose from this week! It was warm! Or at least not 15 below, which makes a HUGE difference when you’re out shooting pictures for an hour or two. 38 more words


Week 6

I’ve really started to enjoy my treks around the city – even in the cold. One valuable thing I have learned is there is always something that catches my eye, no matter where I am. 41 more words


Week 5

Didn’t get out as much as I would have liked this week – just one sunny afternoon when the weather wasn’t too ridiculously cold. I’m going to miss the snow when it finally melts: the big expanses of white ground are so much fun to play with in the images. 19 more words