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Clean it up!

About a week ago, I made pancakes for the family (yes, it happens sometimes). After I ate, I cleaned up like I remembered my dad doing after he finished baking. 183 more words


Week 11 Studio...

GIF testing

In this week’s studio session we were tasked with creating a sample gif using adobe photoshop. With instructions provided i successfully created a gif of a loading icon. 48 more words


Week 9 Studio...

In this studio lesson we were to be in groups so we were able to critique and review each others logo’s and titles for our final app designs. 148 more words


Spring in the Studio

Here in the Southern USA spring started early. My car and literally everything else is constantly covered in pine pollen. However, it is beautiful here with trees and flowers blooming in full. 323 more words


Week 5 Studio...

In week 5’s studio lesson we were first tasked to create a mood board based on a fictional persona our tutor created called ‘Dave Smith’ on a Zumio persona template. 66 more words


Studio Week 3...

In week 3 studio we explored the stages of creating screen design interfaces. Throughout the process we were to consider the changes and behaviour of the interactive product. 121 more words


Week 2 Studio...

In week 2 studio we explored the concept of storyboarding.

A storyboard is usually a series of illustrations presented in a ordered sequence containing some dialogue for the purpose of planning an animation or film production. 60 more words

Studio Notes