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late summer

I’m chasing butterflies and watching certain flowers bloom that I’ve been waiting and watching for, for most of the summer.

It’s truly worth the wait when they finally arrive.  89 more words


Good Girl

Building up the image today. It’s good to be an important piece of the whole.

Studio + Process

Some Chaos in the Studio

Friday’s test shots. Sorting out some ideas and I just keep telling myself that “I know what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.”  78 more words

Studio + Process

Canadian Summer

I’m looking at the still life in the everyday mundane things and exercising some spontaneity in my work as an ongoing exercise.

Been away from my studio for a few days, and I was thinking about the arrangement of things, closing the gap between art and life, not hiding my process and deskilling some of the technical things that often create boundaries and rules in my work. 261 more words

Studio + Process

Arranging Still Life #3

Keeping up with the idea to make something beautiful that has a delicious grotesqueness to it. After a few attempts and a lot of blowing failures I finally sorted through some technical and aesthetic issues. 85 more words

Studio + Process

Chewing Gum to find Answers

One of the things I have been questioning is the relationship between my drawings and my photographs. Looking at some of my early drawings and also the current text based work with the gum drool has led to these. 127 more words

Studio + Process

shooting and post production

Painting with drool and liquid glucose, shooting 10 layers, stitching and focus stacking, masking adjustments, and exaggerating focus points. 32 more words

Studio + Process