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Dada- A movement, An individual quest, how the extra research is affecting my Studio Time

This is an excerpt from Kurt Schwitters: Merz

Merz was Schwitters made up word for Dada. He was not invited to the first Dada fair in Berlin, he was looking for ” a totally unique hat fitting only a single head”-his own. 663 more words


Recharging the Batteries

January has been a very busy month, and it’s not even half over yet. I’m finding it hard to find my balance after the holidays; I can’t seem to juggle my wife and mom duties with the house keeping, and then trying to run a full time business at the same time? 389 more words



I say this every year:  “I’m really going to work on my shop and blog.”  Then at some point later in the year I decide not to concentrate on either.   121 more words


Starting Studio Sabbatical 2016

With the new year of 2016, I am starting a Studio Sabbatical January 1st – March 31. It is my intent to set aside this duration of time to return to work in my studio with more focus, regularity, and intentionality. 564 more words

Almost Time

Well folks its almost time. We’ve spent this Autumn in the studio recording a new E.P., it’s now been mixed and mastered the track listing worked out, artwork done. 80 more words


Color? Or Black & White?

Los Angeles Portrait Photographer, Pasadena Family Photographer, Geldale Family Photographer, Los Angeles Newborn Photographer
I love BOTH!

Sometimes during the editing process I get so lost in the black and whites. 61 more words