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October, you are a wealth of Information, coupling Death with re-birth, you never disappoint me.

I see the shadow of a crow out of the corner of my eye and hear a Blue Jay squawk. It’s still quiet in my house, I’m glad it’s Saturday morning. 370 more words


All The Many Questions

Painting. Why do we paint? What are we painting for? Who are we painting for? What are we trying to communicate in our paintings, if anything? 304 more words


Studio Moment

Eyes shaky, Head foggy, feel a twitch under my eye every so often. Fan on, humming louder than I remember it. An old muffin wrapper, black pepper in a tin can, salt in glass, a yogurt top with dried yogurt on it, a shriveled-up apple core, a plastic bag that once contained a hardboiled egg, a sports bra, paintings, bits and pieces of paintings, plastic bags from the art store, receipts, old socks that became rags, paintings, paint tubes, brushes, everything used, everything marching to its last stroke, it’s last droplet of paint, used up, garbage now, painting like a mad woman. 60 more words


I Welcome All Good Things into My Life!

Kneeling on the cold bathroom tile, head over the toilet, muscles contracting in my chest, my back tightening, aching, body heaving; there is nothing left. I feel a warm hug around my back, it’s Jack. 658 more words


Note Book Project and Show opening tonight!

Oh my Gosh! Tonight is the night! Carl and my show is opening at The Fourth Wall Gallery! The show looks awesome. I have made some new works for the bin, which now will include works over $250 because they are just so good! 566 more words



“We are all connected, there is no me without you”. I feel a great excitement about the show in which I am a collaborator; Titled: … 672 more words


Studio Tuesdays

Studio Tuesdays start this Fall!

During any one session of Studio Tuesdays on select dates, I will open up my studio to 1-2 people to come and sit in the studio 7:00-9:00pm while I work on a painting and give them a chance to work on their own art. 187 more words