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UAL week 8 - 'Body Extension'

When I got back to class on Monday we were still doing the brief of ‘Body Extension’. I normally circle around the idea of lights and shadow when I think of instillations, I’d like to focus on this for FMP (Final major project) . 157 more words

Mark Garry

We were very interested in Mark Garry’s thread pieces that were very delicate yet invaded and explored the use of space. Instead of having a rather flat and unobtrusive installation, we really felt that a dynamic such as thread and other materials such as rope and wool would work really well wound around various aspects of our studio space. 24 more words


White Pube

White Pube stemmed from the experiences of the duo when confronted with a formal art review compared to what friends have recommended regarding art shows. They questioned the star rating system that existed in countless reviewed and to what extent they held meaning.  249 more words


Vento di mezzogiorno

Lo scirocco ha cancellato la vicina città sul mare con una cappa grigia che pende sulla pianura come un’enorme bolla di sapone. Vado a fare la spesa, la momentanea non-esistenza della vicina città sul mare scivola accanto a me mentre gli effetti del detto scirocco creano quell’asfissia tipica delle calde giornate invernali. 342 more words

The Sword

An extra post this week, as this fantasy photograph left me too excited to wait!

This self-portrait was photographed in the studio recently, and was a great opportunity to put to use some props, costumes, jewelry, etc that I’d been hoarding for ‘just the right photoshoot’. 132 more words


Drawing in the studio

Drawing drawing drawing. Making my own oak gall ink with galls collected from the woodland, trying it out on paper before making a larger surface to apply it to.


1993 Studio - Part 3

Here are the last 76 cards in the 1993 Studio set.  Thanks for looking!