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Website polish

Did you notice I’d spruced up the website? New, fresh work samples in the portfolios, updated text and more representational photos of me…i.e. older looking! 67 more words

Digital Art

Warner Bros. Faces A Possible $50M To $100M Loss On 'Justice League'

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros’ latest tentpole movie, Justice League, has stirred up lots of conversation these past few days, for its generally shabby reviews, the… 1,434 more words

Money Matters

'The Players' - 21 November 2017



One minute and eighteen-second short film utilising the sounds created by the women’s rugby team to produce a musical score. 26 more words


Stablemate Covers

I looked at more magazine covers from some of the stablemates for some more inspiration in regards for the remaining two front covers I need to plan. 196 more words


Week 8

This week:

  • Making the sculpture

I began making an internal structure using cardboard, metal, newspaper and masking tape.

The internal structure.

At this point there was metal inside to help keep the shape, which I then covered in cardboard. 111 more words


Final Project

I have decided to do several drawings of comic explosions and to project my animated explosion on top of it. I tried out two of the three animated explosions, the first one is the particle world explosion with just the circles. 107 more words


Plaster smaster;

Although I am relatively pleased with my plaster casts, I don’t think they are really putting my message across probably. The message seems unclear and a bit hazy. 152 more words