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Canberra - The Actual Capital of Australia

Since we already saw Sydney and were definitely going to Melbourne too, we thought it would be interesting to also visit Canberra. While Australia was still coming to be, there was the question which Australian City should be the country’s capital. 172 more words


Looking Up

Not going to lie, being homesick since I got here has been a little rough. Okay, a lot rough sometimes. Downtime has pretty much been the death of me. 639 more words

A letter for my postcards

Dear people I love,

Sometimes I forget to tell people I love them. I’m really, really bad at responding to “Hey, how are you doing?!” text messages, and even worse at checking on those I care the most about. 599 more words

Study Abroad

Dublin Doldrums

Landed in Shannon, Ireland with blood shot eyes, because God knows I can’t trust myself to wake up earlier than 6 a.m. to save my life. 869 more words

Study Abroad

The Devil Wears... Dévastée(?)

So I never would have thought that I would be saying the following sentence, or if I ever did say it, I imagined that it wasn’t going to be for years and years, but today I attended my first Paris Fashion Week show. 377 more words


Club goin' up, on a Tuesday

Now that I finished HOC season 3 I desperately needed a distraction to pull me out of my looming depression, so I spent the majority of my Tuesday mapping out what museums were free on what days. 422 more words