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British Government

British government has had a long and storied tradition that has persisted throughout time. Even now, the traditions carry through in the way government is structured. 428 more words

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Intern Feature: Raqhelle Leaps to New Heights in South America

OSI Intern Raqhelle Millbrooks Leaps to New Heights in South America

Raqhelle Millbrooks is originally from Grand Rapids, MI and is currently a Senior pursuing a double major of International Business and Spanish at the University of Memphis. 250 more words


For my third study abroad blog I thought it would be appropriate to consider the highs and lows of my experiences. What better place to reflect on them, than where I am right now. 1,791 more words

"A side dish of grasshoppers" - student Khalea offers some tips (but not advice!) on getting the most out of your time abroad

One of the most important lessons I will take with me from my Year Abroad is to express thoughts and feelings in first person singular in order to avoid generalisations and speaking for others. 812 more words


Study Abroad Bucket List

This summer, I have the opportunity to complete a for-credit internship as the last couple of credits for my undergraduate college career. While abroad, I’ll have the opportunity to intern at a company called LivItaly in Rome and spend two months in the capital of Italy. 187 more words


Beijing (北京) Part I: How many Peking Ducks can YOU eat?!


  • Bullet Train (if you’re coming from Shanghai or another city with a bullet train station)
  • The Summer Palace
  • Tiananmen & The Forbidden City…
  • 1,228 more words
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Preparing for Overseas Education

Studying abroad has now become a craze among students without having a clear-cut purpose. Students are getting educated without understanding the precise vision. Unfortunately, people consider education as a medium of survival rather than a medium to uplift lives. 191 more words

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