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Giant Red Land Crab Burrow Size in Relation to Soil Moisture and Distance from the Ocean

Giant red land crab (Gecarcinus quadratus) are abundant throughout the Pacific coast, and the number of holes from these crabs is known to decrease as the distance from the ocean increases in the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve, but the reason for this is not completely understood. 304 more words

The Impacts of Water Stress During the Dry Season on Tree Species at Cabo Blanco

There are two general seasons experienced by most tropical forests, wet and dry seasons. During the wet season, all species of trees receive consistent amounts of water through rainfall on a majority of the days. 306 more words

Do Hermit Crabs Use a 'Selfish Herd' to Escape Predators?

Within every ecosystem, it is important to study the relationships between predator and prey. One potential way to examine this relationship is through the selfish herd hypothesis, which states that prey species aggregate together in order to reduce the chances of any one individual being eaten by a predator. 287 more words

Response of Land Hermit Crabs to Predators

In coastal regions, hermit crabs are an important food source for birds, raccoons, coatis, and opossums. When threatened by predators, these crabs will change their path of direction or hide inside their shell for protection and safety. 343 more words

Here Are 7 Ways Studying Abroad Can Help You Become An Entrepreneur

There is no better time than today to launch your startup dream. The Indian startup ecosystem is bustling with energy and promise. However, before you jump onboard the startup enterprise, do you want to polish your skills, build a strong network and equip yourself with the framework to deal with the challenges of running a business? 967 more words

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Winter Vacation Over~

Spring Semester has started! Last, last week was more focused on welcoming in the new exchange students to Seinan. Tuesday and Wednesday was their orientation. I visited the International House (I-house) to meet the new comers! 302 more words

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Don't Believe Everything You Think

“Miss Theresa, I am so sorry but the chips are finished today”.  This is what the very kind gentleman, Daniel, who runs the mini-restaurant downstairs from my hostel room in Ghana says to me when he has sold out of French fries, which happens to be one of the few things I can eat in Ghana without becoming ill (I have a sensitive stomach so do not blame this entirely on the local cuisine).  1,394 more words