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Study Abroad: When the Switch Flips

Cultural stuff started really eating at me, but then the switch flipped.

I should have known what to expect this time – during semester abroad programs that last 4 months, things get sad for me at the three month mark. 360 more words

Study Abroad

The Pemba Experience

Hey all! Sorry it has been so long. I was on the northern island, Pemba. Pemba is the rural cousin of Zanzibar and it is so much more like my preconceived notions of “Africa”. 428 more words

Some Crazy Man-made Caves: Ajanta and Ellora

The Ajanta caves, located in the Maharashtra district of India, showcase the distinctive ‘old’ and ‘new’ style Buddhist sculpture and symbolism.

The ‘old’ caves don’t idolize the image of the Buddha itself and overall appear simpler. 716 more words

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volcan poas

Today, the class and I went on a field trip to a volcano near San Jose named Volcan Poas. As some of you might already know, navigating in a foreign country is always an adventure. 289 more words

Hong Kong. On Top of the World.

One of the clearest and best memories I have from Hong Kong was taking a hike.

I took many hikes in Hong Kong, mostly solo, or with one other person. 1,108 more words

Hong Kong


Okay, tonight has definitely been one of the most disappointing days for me. As some of you may know, I currently have an obsession with the artist Mika to the point where I listened to nothing but Mika this summer and so when I learned he would be playing in Grenoble October 8th, I immediately bought a ticket. 732 more words


Snaps of Prague/Vienna: Week 7

Skipped week 6 because there weren’t any new pictures (that’s a first), but week 7 was all Prague and Vienna. Besides eating (because priorities), I would say that my absolute favorite parts of the week were what I consider the two most scenic views of the both cities, the Prague Astronomical Tower and Schönbronn Palace, respectively, and navigating through the metro/train systems. 339 more words

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