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Midterm: Reflections on Study Abroad

There’s no doubt: this week was the most stressed I’ve been since I was getting ready to leave for Florence. Again, my travel backpack (an Osprey Farpoint 40 that I absolutely love) slowly made it’s way from under my bed to the corner of the room to sitting on my bed, waiting to be meticulously packed. 317 more words

Study Abroad

Travelling As A Cure For Depression: Should You Ditch Your Prozac for a Passport?

We all know about the fight or flight response: when faced with certain doom or uncertainty our brains go into instinctive mode, giving us only two options. 1,035 more words

Blog Start - Gopchang!

This is a blog,mainly for myself, to document my adventures while studying abroad! I have been in Seoul, South Korea for three weeks already and have come across a variety of foods I would not have the opportunity to back at home in England or in Turkey! 202 more words

First Post

I guess I’m a bit American, after all

I would like to start off by saying that the videos from my trip to Leiden and Den Haag got deleted from my phone. I had this super fun video vlog from the trip, but it’s gone now. 448 more words

Scholarships to Study Abroad

Looking to study abroad but worried about the costs? Good news! There are hundreds of scholarships to study abroad, including general scholarships and more specialized funding schemes. 333 more words


Study Abroad in Taipei

In 2015, I started writing about my travel experience and shared stories about by first journey to Asia. This journey took me all the way to China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand.  185 more words


Classes, Homework, Assignments!

I was warned before coming to the US that the workload would be different to the UK. At my home University, you do three modules per term, and have about twelve in class hours a week. 457 more words