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My Study Buddy

I have my first big human nutrition exam today. Pretty nervous.

Luckily, someone is being an extremely helpful study buddy.

You can’t see them, but my study guide, copious notes and printed out power points, AND my pen and highlighter all underneath her. 7 more words


Freshman Year

By: Michael Fisher ~Guest Writer~

The time is here. It seems like there is a test or paper due every day, leaving you pulling all-nighters, not to mention tearing out your hair. 457 more words


An Audio Aide: Find Yourself Some Study Music

“I need to focus right now.”

When deadlines have crept up and you are “down to the wire,” you will probably tell yourself something like this, and maybe to the people around you.

633 more words

7 Days, 7 Tips: Exam Stress Tip #6

Exam Stress Tip #6: Get A Study Buddy.

You know what makes suffering through exam time better? Someone suffering with you. Knowing that you are not the only one dealing with exam stress put the whole situation into perspective. 242 more words


Audio-Only "Study Buddy" Recreation

The following is an all audio recreation of the 2 minute silent narrative, “Study Buddy” which I wrote, edited, acted in, and directed.

The original “Study Buddy” video can be viewed in the video archives.  39 more words



Meet Pincushion, my new study/laptop/reading buddy. My sister sent him to me as a small souvenir from a Japanese botanical garden she visited up in Oregon. 184 more words