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How To Be Studious

Being studious means being serious about and committed to learning. People who are studious still know how to have fun, but they make their studies a priority and stick to a thorough and comprehensive study plan. 3,257 more words

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Duress at common law

  • Duress is a defence rendering a contract voidable. Duress may basically be defined as illegitimate pressure brought to bear on one of the parties with the result that the latter has no reasonable alternative but to enter into the contract.
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Contract Law


A contract will be voidable where a party was induced by a false statement of fact to enter into the contract.

The Nature of Representation… 1,747 more words

Contract Law

Biology: The Nitrogen Cycle and The Carbon Cycle

I hope these simple notes on the Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle are easy to understand and help you wrap your head around these difficult concepts.

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May Study at Renew

This month is the conclusion of our school year! We’ll be taking a few weeks off of meeting and then start meeting more informally over the summer. 142 more words


General University Tips

It’s about that time of year where people are making final decisions about where to spend the next 3+ years of their lives. Moving out and going to university is just around the corner and those anxieties are starting to settle in. 400 more words


Finals Week 2015

Unfortunately, it is that time of year again. On the bright side, summer is just a “short” week away (a week that literally feels like… 120 more words