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10-8-15 John 4:46-54 "Jesus did Miracles"

John 4:46-54: Jesus goes to Cana, in Galilee, where He had turned water into wine. If you read these passages quickly, you miss that in… 390 more words

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Part three, Project 1, Exercise 2- Larger observational study of an individual tree

Now spend more time really looking at a tree in detail. Spend at least an hour on this drawing. Choose which media will suit the individual characteristics of ‘your’ tree. 513 more words


College: Expectations vs. Reality

Sometimes college just isn’t what we thought it would be. Louise Clancy writes about some of the expectations and realities we all share when we begin our college lives. 740 more words


More Sex Increases Chance of Conceiving (But Not Why You Think): Study

The more often a woman has sex, the more frequently her immune system gets the message that it’s time to make baby, which may increase her chances of conceiving, new research suggests. 818 more words

Learning English Basic Grammar - what Is Grammar?

Expressing ourselves effectively to the second person is the key to successful communication. Whether it’s verbal or written, in French or English, it is very important to follow the set of rules pertaining to the particular language. 665 more words


Study: Residents Worry About Traffic More Than Anything Else In LA County

LONG BEACH (CBSLA.com) — A new study has found that people worry more about gridlock than anything else here in Los Angeles County.

In September, the California Community Foundation/USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times polled 1,500 adults regarding their major concerns. 199 more words