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STUDY: 32% Of Us Regret Major Life Choices

According to a new survey, 32% of Americans say they regret at least one of their major life decisions.

The three most common things people regret are (1) not following their dreams, (2) not taking risks with their career, and (3) not taking risks with their life in general, like moving to a new city or going back to school. 96 more words


A Video is coming! A VIDEO IS COMING

Hello my little stressed out lovelies!

It’s been a full year of homework, assignments, and projects and as of right now, it is going into finals week. 179 more words

Pre-Int Superlative Challenge

Pre Intermediate B were learning about using Superlatives in class yesterday. We did some investigations and came to some conclusions about the students in our class. 127 more words

Who Really Loves God?

At first this may seem blasphemous; however, it was once thought that men (and women) thought too much about how they walked with God so much to the point of it becoming a ritual; a daily sacrifice to keep up with; walking on eggshells around the Lord, watching our every step. 310 more words

Moral Reads

Lithuania Part II


On Sunday we attended the church that happens to be right on campus at LCC International University, our home for the first half of this week. 974 more words


"I can't fail before I've started"

I haven’t even begun adulting yet and I’m already tired of it. I’m approaching 21 and so far, my neck and body feel like I’m 40 because of the anxiety and stress concerning my life and future. 318 more words


I might move off topic for a couple of weeks, as I have been concentrating on the final assignments for my first year at University, and thought I might share some things I have been working on. 108 more words