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Mendaftar Sekolah S2 Part 2: Chasing Scholarships

Here we go.

After applying for Aberdeen and Sheffield, my next mission is to apply for scholarships. Here are possible options I can take to fund my postgraduate study in UK: 315 more words


It Doesn't 'get Better' For Some Bullied Lgbt Youths

In the first study to examine the severity of LGBT bullying over time and its impact on mental health, researchers found that while most LGBT teens are experiencing relief in bullying, about a third are experiencing severe victimizations. 28 more words

Why Americans don't live as long as Europeans - CNN.com

Why Americans don’t live as long as Europeans – CNN.com:

“Americans die younger than people in other high-income countries, and drug poisonings, gun injuries and motor vehicle crashes are largely to blame, a study finds. 48 more words


Top 5 things to do after Graduation

  1. Keep practicing your skills

Whatever your skills are you can practice them. If you want to be a lawyer debate your friends and family. Continue reading up on laws and policy changes. 418 more words

02/09/2016 Shalom (Peace) and Ahabah (Love)!!!

Shalom and ahabah to you brethren/sistren everywhere! I palal (pray) you and your loved ones have had a great yom (day) yesterday and are having a great yom so far! 706 more words