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Abdomen and Back Physical Exam Session


Inspect: no gross deformities, no rashes, no erythema, no jaundice; can see whether there is an umbilical hernia, portal hypertension
Auscultate… 218 more words


Notes are a waste of time.

That is what I am told.
To be honest, they probably are. About half the information you write will stick in your head… if you are lucky. 15 more words


Life out of your comfort zone

Tbilisi is always described as a multicultural city, where people loving to live out of stereotypes come to find their path.
Here you can see hippies and metallists chilling together, Americans and Russians talking about politics, Armenians and Azerbaijani discussing cultural similarities etc.etc. 674 more words


Report shows how wearing a helmet truly makes a difference

(ABC NEWS) — Buckle up that bike helmet.

Although it’s what millions of bicycle riders do before every trip, you might be interested in some proof that it really makes a difference. 113 more words


Getting Started

The computer that teaches me programming is the best invention of the last two decades: Raspberry PI. It is my opinion anyway. With this post I begin my serious and very thorough study of C programming language. 674 more words


Quick charcoal sketch 

Quick sketch of Josephine, the towns cup-a-soup drinking record holder.

The record stands at 3.

Roots to Branches of the Brachial Plexus

“The 3 Musketeers Assassinated 5 Rats, 5 Mice, and 2 or 3 Unicorns.”

– “3 Musketeers”: musculocutaneous nerve, C5-C7
– “Assassinated”: axillary nerve, C5-C6
– “5 Rats”: radial nerve, C5-T1… 14 more words