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Advanced Placement in Stress

    A majority of students at American High average between three and four AP classes during their junior year, undergoing challenging curriculum in each of their college-level classrooms. 657 more words


The Seven Churches of Asia - Lesson 1

Lesson 1 – Introduction & Overview

Lesson 1 Handout

Tonight we will cover the first lesson in a new study series on the letters to the Seven Churches of Asia as recorded in the first three chapters of Revelation.   84 more words


These Are The Best And Worst States For Women To Live And Work In

Unfortunately, many parts of our nation are under the impression that gender inequality is a thing of the past. As if we’ve washed our hands of it and there’s nothing else to be done. 409 more words


Fav. Quotations #2

Написала разок пост з улюбленими цитатками та й думаю: чому б не зробити це знову? Тому ось вам ще одна порція натхнення 

Once I’ve written a  162 more words


En av de største spillene av all tid? - VidChord

En av de største spillene av all tid? – VidChord
Fortsatt med min Final Fantasy maraton, jeg har nettopp slått nummer 6 og trodde det også verdig å kommentere. 56 more words

To uni or not to uni

So as my 3 years of university is slowly drawing into a close over the next month or so, I’ve started reflecting as this experience generally and personally. 423 more words

MBA 준비 회상 (0)

아직 입사를 하기도 전이었던 꼬꼬꼬마 시절. 지금은 절친한 동기 오빠들과 처음 만났던 어색한 자리였다. 학생때는 잘 가보지도 못했던 근사한 식당에서 회사분들과 스테이크를 썰고, 우리끼리 간곳은 소박(?)하게도 근처 커피집이었다.