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YC 2016 - The Fourth Online Gathering

On July 28, 2016, I visited MITI Academy website. I found out that my submission was already graded. Once again, the grade was not so good. 186 more words


I am about to get lost on an island...

…called the island of Great Britain. In a only a few weeks, a plane will take me from my home country to England, and I will stay there for a year. 64 more words


So, I’ve been debating for quite some time as to whether or not I was going to make a blog. But then I realized that I’m actually kind of the worst when it comes to journaling, and this experience is definitely one that I’ll never want to forget (or so I’m told). 518 more words


how i make & organize flashcards

Happy Friday, y’all!  I have been in school a whole week and a half, and I am super excited for the week-end!  I have been trying to get organized this year and find my pattern amidst all the senior stuff planned, cheerleading, and school work, but so far, all is going well.   559 more words


Your coffee habit may be genetic

(CNN) — Whether a cup of java will leave you craving more could be chalked up to your genes.

People with a newly identified genetic variant in their DNA, called PDSS2, may be inclined to drink fewer cups of coffee than others, according to a small study published in the journal Scientific Reports on Thursday. 625 more words


So Study It Is..

My previous blog “The Big Study-Work Conundrum” sort of explained my situation and maybe somehow connected with a few readers ( if any ) about how it is to choose between a career and a higher education program. 366 more words