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Let's just say...

The weekend has not been great.

Not that I want to sit and moan-type it all out, more that it is important to acknowledge that things aren’t going the way you planned, or wanted, and that sometimes it is just simply out of your control. 204 more words


On Identity and Alterity - from The Open University module AA316

Discuss identity and alterity, and its impact on narration, in two of the following novels: Madame Bovary, The Woman in White, The Portrait of a Lady… 2,274 more words


Is God telling me what to do #2

LAST WEEK’S ARTICLE was about a man who said, “you can’t tell me that God’s not talking to me!” though I could show him, through God’s word, that God’s not talking to him separate and apart from the written word, but he just doesn’t want to hear it. 738 more words

Church Of Christ Borger

JLPT N1 KANJI STUDY DAY 42: 421~430/1017

Welcome back! Today’s new kanji, from numbers #421-430. We’re really racking up the numbers of kanji added to our mental databases huh? And in not too long we will be halfway there! 188 more words


Despite All Evidence to the Contrary, I am Not Dead

I wish I could give some extraordinarily compelling excuse for my extended absence over the past few months: alien abduction, Freaky Friday-esque body-switching, or an improbable scenario in which I somehow discover that Jules Verne was right all along and the earth is indeed hollow and inhabited by dinosaurs, and I end up shacking up with Brendan Fraser and making it all the way to China through the Earth’s crust. 766 more words

Books And Reading

Zelandia: The Newest member To The Continental Family. High-school Geography Updated.

The time to modify our high-school geography syllabus is here. We were all taught that there are seven continents on the Earth’s surface: Asia, North America, South America, Antarctica, Africa, Europe and, Australia. 501 more words


[Study] Homemade Hall Effect Sensor (PCB integrated)

With the progress made in applied physics and electronics, there are a thousands of different sensors on the market. Some of them use a classic physics phenomenon (Thermopile, Hall sensor, Moisture,etc..) or could be a mix of physics and microelectronics (Microphone, Pixel-Matrix, self-compensated sensors,etc..). 677 more words

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