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Kids: Then and Now, af Fred Reed

Kids: Then and Now, af Fred Reed

Fred Reed giver i det mindste et delvis svar på spørgsmålet: Hvorfor falder landet fra hinanden. Fra Reed på theburningplatform.com: 352 more words


Judaism- a Christian perspective

Convert or die. This ultimatum has been spoken to Jews for thousands of years. Blood libel, Crusades, Holocaust, Caligula, Rome, Aelia Capitolina .These are just a few words that have been reverberating through my brain for the past few months. 1,508 more words


This is the final post in my series responding to Almost Heresy blog proprietor Rocky Munoz, who has written a series critiquing the five points of Calvinism…

5,320 more words

Books Discussion 8

The No Asshole Rule – Robert I Sutton

Assholes tend to breed assholes. When an asshole is hired, especially if they are at a higher position, they tend to let in other assholes to join the company. 181 more words


March Calendar

Here’s the calendar I’ll be using this month! Link below. Comment what you guys think of it below and don’t forget to check out my other posts!


month calender march 2018


Sorting Through My Books

I am amazed! I have books I didn’t know I had! So,I was looking for my Joseph Murphy books…found 5…& I know I have at least 1 more. 163 more words

I -like- poems.

Why does everyone always seem to hate on poems? When I was in high school, the general vibe emitted by my classmates – who although in the top set – seemed to be that poetry sucks. 216 more words