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University Sleep

It’s time for me to close my eyes

the sleep – she calls me in

tempting me with promises

of dreams from deep within

Happy to drown in fluid darkness…

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Kait King Poetry

I feel more privileged than a rich, white frat kid

…because every week I look forward to 6 more days than they do.

Warning: obvious generalizations are obvious.

Every time I skate back to my apartment late at night from utilizing the school’s software and hardware, it’s inevitable for me to run into a couple party girls and snapback dudes who never fully open their eyes. 677 more words

What's been happening?

I’ve been sort of absent for a little while – many apologies!

I’ll try and get you all caught up with what’s been happening here in that time. 444 more words


Tips on Staying Focused (Back to School)

I’ll admit it: I have a hard time staying focused while studying. If I’m typing an essay I’ll go from looking up a word to five videos deep in a Mental_Floss video playlist! 405 more words


Big Girl Pants: Why I Chose to Ditch College to Self Study Instead

‘I guess this is the part where I listened to my heart.’

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that anyone drop out or not go to college, the following article is only explaining why I personally chose to not go to college. 649 more words


Life's a Beach (unless you're an introvert)

The Swiss Alps or Saint-Tropez? What’s your ideal vacation spot? Be careful in answering. You may just give away what makes you tick. Where we vacation, and perhaps even live, may depend on our personality types, according to new research by the University of Virginia. 175 more words

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