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What I've been Up to

My blog has been quiet
and I’ve been working.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Exams are ahead
some are now passed
Lots to know, but fun as well. 94 more words

Studying at summer time

The Sun is shining once upon a time. My slowness is all about the preparation or particularly the six days of preparation in a row. I know this all fundamentally good for me but this morning I astonishingly realized that for many years summer time was no more than just a hot time in open shoes. 127 more words


Using Technology

I am sure the calculator and spell check was invented by a dyslexic person 😉 bless them.  Like many other adult dyslexics out there, my writing at school was limited to what I could spell.  276 more words

The ibis in Ancient Egypt

This is an essay I wrote for university a little while ago about the importance of the Sacred Ibis to the culture of the Ancient Egyptians. 43 more words

Scientist says the sun is sneezing on Earth

The sun at the center of our Solar System is one of the big reasons why we’re here today, but it can also be a bit of a nuisance from time to time. 237 more words


US Study: Legal Pot Linked to Increase in Auto Collisions — Family First NZ

US News 22 June 2017Family First Comment: Do we really want dopey drivers?“We’re concerned about impaired driving in general. Marijuana just layers on top of other impairments like alcohol.”www.saynopetodope.org.nz Car crash claims are on the rise in three states where recreational marijuana use is legal, according to an insurance study released Thursday.

17 more words

Top 5, Top 5, Top 5

Hello beautiful. Today’s blog has no topic nor specific lesson- I am here to just update you on the things that I am growing in and what the Lord has been challenging me with throughout this season of my life… 766 more words