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Taking Stock

As I start to think about what my resolutions for 2014 will be, I realised I needed to start by checking how I managed my resolutions for 2013… 287 more words


Two types of work on a saturday afternoon

Good news! I finally finally finally managed to get my hard drive working on a different mac! I’m so happy it wasn’t damaged even though it means that now its time to start to be productive again. 49 more words

Anywhere - Anytime

Brain pain

Today has been a real pain in my brain! First off I didn’t get to school on time. I woke up by my alarm, not knowing who I was or where I was. 198 more words

The Eloquence and Pointlessness of SAT Vocabulary

The idea of the SAT and its’ importance on one’s college education is interesting, and as I think more and more about it, I realize how not black-and-white the issue is. 414 more words

Blog Posts For Class

Foot Factor Tournament by Australia Study Care

Last Sunday we have organized first edition of Soccer Tournament in Sydney.

Australia Study Care team would like to thank  everyone who participated in any way during our first edition of soccer tournament. 219 more words

The Will Is Gone

I’ve yet to go to both classes of my Economics class since the beginning of the semester. I told myself I would go today, since there’s an exam on Wednesday, and yet still I found it much more enjoyable to simply lay on my couch at home, watching Teen Mom 2, and thinking about simply studying. 302 more words

A Space of My Own

I realise that a lot of my quirkiness is just another excuse to procrastinate but I find it extremely difficult to focus on studying without an orderly place to do it. 376 more words