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#411 Learning - S2 E6 - Studying at University - How to study from home

Structure, discipline, a routine.

Studying from home works exactly like studying at university. If you were lazy before, you will be lazy at home as well. 921 more words


Study tips from a criminology major

Hello everybody.

I’m Lydia, a Criminology major on Spain, currently in pursuit of a Masters degree, guest writer on this blog for the occasion and a friend of Puralika. 1,374 more words


Reframing Your Mind For A Much More Pleasant Life

we often think about studying or doing work as a responsibility something we have to do, which if missed impose heavy punishments on us. what if we thought about it in a slightly different way? 299 more words

My exam is in two weeks. Is it alright if I study 4 hours a day?

I see you’re focused on numbers right now. But I wouldn’t think about it that way.

First, the important stuff. You don’t mention how you feel about how much you’ve studied so far — have you stayed on top of schoolwork? 1,105 more words


The Source of Strength?

Look into your inner life. Did you ever feel that sorrow in itself gives you strength? Wasn’t it rather an obstacle, an enemy, that, from some higher and happier source, some…

43 more words

Staying Focused

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all safe and well! I was a bit unsure what to write this week so I thought I would write a small post on how I stay focused during the current climate. 371 more words



Taking a gap year can definitely be scary to many people, it was for me too at first… for a little background about me, I’m 23 years old, I graduated last year from university, I was originally planning on applying for a master degree but because of a series of unfortunate events, I had to take a gap year, so here is how it went. 820 more words