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How To Survive Finals Week

Hello loves! Finals week is approaching, and I’m already stressing. If you know me, I’m a huge stresser. I also am extremely grade conscious, so finals week is hell for me. 310 more words

My favourite procrastination websites

After 6 years of studying, countless exams and generally being a lazy person, you would be hard pressed to find someone more qualified to discuss procrastination than me! 594 more words

1/4 a DOctor

It’s over. It’s done. My first year of medical school came to a close and I can finally take a sigh…of relief and relaxation. I wanted to share, however, some of the things I learned and loved during this year, for my own sake and for the sake of others who are looking forward to medical school in the near future. 836 more words


Study Strategies #4 - Diagramming

My study habits have come a long way since I first entered university.  In high school, there was less of a reliance on reading textbooks for information, and instead textbooks helped explain concepts that were duly taught during class.   832 more words


Moses Wrote the First Five Books of the Bible

While your reading the Bible, after Geneses come across the book of Exodus. Exodus means when the Israelites exited from Egypt. After about 500 years the Egyptians no longer liked the Hebrew children, so they put them under tremendous bondage, and Moses came and got them out. 919 more words

Bible Reading And Studying

To gym or not to gym...

At the moment that really is the question.

I have to admit, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the gym.  Actually, I’m not even sure that my feelings are even that strong… 570 more words


Protesting Mama's Busy Schedule

Dear Scamp:

Are you comfy there?

Love, Mom

Don’t leave without petting me, Love Scamp

Dear Mom,

I’m at my post. That way you can’t leave early without petting me. 254 more words