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University Semester 2 Update

I did a Semester 1 update back in December and now that I have officially finished my first year of university I think it’s fair to say I’m due another update! 664 more words

An interesting crossroads

So I am at an interesting crossroads in my life, and I realise this blog has not been touched for 4 years, ….. wow!

4 years is a long time, 4 years ago, the word Brexit probably had just surfaced into existence. 154 more words


Hello again.

Hi everyone! And welcome back to my personal blog! I would like to thank you all for sticking up with me this last year. It has been a crazy year with my HRM study and internship, a new study ^^, a new kitty cat (all about this later in an other blog I will post over a few days), and this year I became an aunt for the first time!! 477 more words

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School Days

Remember back in the

wait nah, lets not say that it makes me sound old. Remember the school years?
From about age 5 we are sent to school to learn and develop our skill in subjects, basically spending the majority of our childhood in school, learning and then sent home with work to learn some more, like 7 hours wasn’t enough. 1,804 more words

6 reasons to study at Karolinska Institutet

Summer is finally approaching and many are about to be done with school (for good😉).   Are you graduating soon from high school or some bachelor program? 612 more words


General Update – Studying

Hello everyone. I haven’t been as active online lately, because I’v been studying again. I recently obtained the book “Video Game Law Everything You Need to Know About Legal and Business Issues in the Game Industry”. 202 more words

Random book suggestion of the day

If you haven’t read Answers to difficult bible texts, by author Joe Crews… you should. This is a really great book.

With this recommendation throw on the table, I just wanted to mention that I have added a new… 49 more words