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Beyoncé And Jay Z Show Support For Meghan Markle In Midst Of Racist, British Tabloid Coverage

Beyoncé and Jay Z love to send social messages. And instead of sending press releases or uploading videos on social media, the two prefer to take a more subtle approach. 235 more words


Struggle to Learn

By: An Angry Old Man

Last week in my blog I mentioned that defeating fear is one of
the most important things to do to be successful. 879 more words

Friend Zoned to the Max!

So, I didn’t think much of Amin after I shrugged him off so quickly before, however something kept him there at the back of my mind for some reason. 422 more words


Plan B!

I’ve learned lately that you should always have a plan B. 

Only people who know me better probably will understand this, but no worries, my dear readers, soon it will be clear for you too! 15 more words


New! eNotes Annotated Texts

As the Literature Experts, we’re excited about learning and obsessed with reading. We love books in all forms—from dusty tomes found in the back of used bookstores to sleek, new e-reading technologies. 558 more words


Motivating Kids at School

Try and Try till you succeed.. is a good punch line aimed at school goers..but the punches are so forceful that students duck for cover..The difference between a champion in academics and an average grader can always be pinpointed to practice, talent and interest. 348 more words


K. Michelle's Reality Show About Her Butt Implants Removal

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K. Michelle gets a reality show about her plastic surgery reverse. K. Michelle wants to help women before they regret having cosmetic surgeries. 81 more words