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The Doctor Is In.

Greetings friends,

I have returned from my exams relatively unscathed. I am a newly minted, and newly terrified, doctor!

Well, sorta. I have to complete one year of internship before I get my degree. 53 more words

Me And Moi

5 great study methods that will help you pass your exams!

Hey everyone!

I took my first (ever) college exam a few days ago (statistics, yuck) after I spent 10 days studying literally every single day. Of course I have studied before but I have to say that it has never been this intense. 808 more words


6 Study Tips

Below are some science approved study tips to maximize your study potential

  1. Exercise before you study

Even a quick workout can make you more alert and more able to learn. 306 more words


I'm tired

I’m tired of meeting deadlines. I’m tired of meeting expectations. I’m tired I just wanna lay in bed and forget my obligations, worries and inhibations. I’m just a commoner mistakenly judged as genius. 237 more words


7 Studying Tips to Ace Your Exams

I need to take a pause. This semester has been so fast-paced. It feels like we are halfway through the semester, yet we are just a few weeks in. 888 more words


Let You Down

Everyone disappoints you. At some time or another, everyone lets you down. I’m not saying this to be horrible or cynical, just realistic. There’s always expectations in your head and they won’t always be met. 324 more words


It seems almost comical that I keep beginning my posts with the fact that I have not done as much work as I planned to do, but admittedly today was a little more successful. 396 more words