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Hateful 8




1. Describe how you would create a simple title in Premiere Pro CC.   

 To create a title in Pemiere Pro, you first go to title. then Add New Title. 374 more words


Screen Writing

So it is awesome how all of our classes kinda of combine together.

What I’m talking about is that i can use all of the things i have learnt in the screenwriting class to help me write the script for our ‘How to’ Video. 179 more words


How to deal with Douchebags

So now we have to write another blog within another class. Which means more and more posts for all you lovely people (the four of you) to read! 199 more words


Do You Like Homework? by Bill Storie

Do you like homework? By Bill Storie

When I was at school I was one of those study nuts. I loved to study – especially in the library. 708 more words

Quality Of Life

Obliterate Silly Mistakes and Finish On Time

You know that feeling when you’ve studied as much as you possibly can but still make silly mistakes?

What about the feeling when your teacher/stopwatch says there’s only 5 minutes left and you’re only about 70% through the paper? 870 more words

Planners 101 | Back to School

The new school year is rapidly approaching and that can be a cause of great fear and excitement. On emotion I used to associate with school is stress. 801 more words


Tips on How to Study From a Textbook

One of the main reasons I created this blog was to create posts that had answers to questions I myself was asking, but never found exactly what I was looking for. 690 more words