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Thoughts From Outside the Box of Academia

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”, according to an often recited quotation by George Patton. As your devoted contrarian, I think we need more Pattons in cultural life in general, and within academia in particular. 459 more words


A Sober Encounter of Glasgow's Glorious Garage

‘A Sober Encounter…’ is due to be published in The Student Advertiser in June, 2015.

Are you young?

In your late teens/early twenties?

Great. So, you’ve probably discovered the Garage? 955 more words


I should be studying..

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I am sitting in the library drinking my skinny vanilla latte, contemplating when I will open my Nutritional Biochemistry textbook.  Summer classes started yesterday, which means I have to start incorporating studying into my daily routine once again.   251 more words

Coffee Talk

7 things you didn’t know about PhD students

1) We know exactly what we want to do after our PhD.

Of course we don’t. That’s why we are doing PhDs in the first place. 367 more words

Student Blogs

When learning ceases

“If I could use a time machine, I would go back to the time when the grading system was invented and I would destroy it. Because of its invention, teaching ceased to be a calling and became a profession. 87 more words

Online Journalism


Welcome to P’s Get Degrees, your one stop shop for all Uni related rants. If you’re looking to enrol at a university, are currently studying at a university or have had the pleasure of recently graduating, this is the blog for you! 104 more words


WOM: Posts thus far Part 1

Hello Mommies I had mentioned a previous blog post that I have started writing at World of Moms. I recommend all mommies to join WOM if you haven’t already. 120 more words

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