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I’ve decided to pick up a project this week that I’ve mentioned before. A few seasons ago in my memoir workshop we wrote on the theme of stuff; our stuff. 604 more words


A Safe Place to Pocket and Fib

The Liar

In which the liar makes breakfast and is sent on a quest.

The liar laughed when her grandfather told her he was going to die. 2,668 more words


Mother Teresa was actually horrible and Shai Lebouf's "Just Do It" is pretty brilliant

Yeah, I could divide these up into two posts, but really neither is going to be long.  I guess I could have titled it Stuff and Things, but that’s a zombie dead horse that we just don’t need to keep beating on right now. 536 more words


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So I’ve started a new job. I’m working 2 days a week and Audrey is at nursery, which thankfully I know she loves.

We had parents’ evening last week and whenever I told someone (workers at the nursery) that I was Audrey’s mum, they would say “Hiya!” And blow kisses. 290 more words

Stuff And Things

New Konjac Sponge Sets from The Beauty Shelf, + New 20% Off Coupon Code

Crazy Snail Disclosures: Samples of the products featured in this post were sent to me by The Beauty Shelf for testing. If you have any questions about my standards for accepting press samples, please see my… 532 more words

Stuff And Things

my grandmother advised me to give my brain a break and think with my heart instead

I am thinking about the human heart. Not the physical organ, which in itself is a miracle, a beautiful thing, one of life’s greatest mysteries and God’s most puzzling creations, but of the human capacity and drive to do good, to be moved, and to Love and seek out Love. 383 more words

Stuff And Things

It's Never Too Late to Start Taking Care of Your Skin

I don’t editorialize here a lot, right? So I’m going to take advantage of whatever goodwill I’ve built up, and do a little bit of editorializing now. 933 more words