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As I am struggling to get time to blog, I’m just posting a quick update of what’s going on with us.

So let’s see…

Rex is nine months old. 240 more words


Good Morning!

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain pitter pattering on the tin roof. Bella was curled up in her recliner and our kitten Short Round (Shawty) was curled up next to me. 97 more words

Stuff And Things

Dead flowers, Dead relationships

Or, I get “interesting” with a scanner

There’s a museum in LA called the Museum of Broken Relationships which I’ve never been to, but nonetheless feel I can judge.  127 more words



Trivia, when you look at its constituent parts, clearly means three roads, or tri + via.

Trivia is Latin, plural of trivium “place where three roads meet;” in transferred use, “an open place, a public place.” The adjectival form of this, trivialis, meant “public,” hence “common, commonplace”

8 more words
Stuff And Things

How to not buy a bootleg disc online

The reasons behind why nobody should buy a bootleg are easy to explain.  For one, when you buy one, you are not supporting the anime industry.  656 more words

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“I don’t know a damned thing in this life, but what is shown to me by life, itself.”

#Buddha Bukowski

This blogger is writing a novel. 381 more words


Rewiring update

The whole of the bottom corridor as well as the Support for Learning base, the Pupil Support base, four sets of pupil toilets, and the RE department have now been re-wired.  84 more words

Stuff And Things