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SEO Cool Thoughts of the Week

  • Make sure to no-index a development site before launching it
  • Make sure to index it afterward
  • Redirects are a great tool, 5 redirects on one page is not cool.
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Stuff And Things

The Sky is Falling Checklist

At the request of the honorable Ronald J. Vatalaro, Esq., this post will contain my previously seen new website launch checklist. It will cover mostly issues regarding SEO/digital marketing items that should be addressed well before a site (re)launch or quickly fixed afterward. 1,329 more words

Stuff And Things

For What It's Worth

We’ve finally harvested most of the winter garden and decided it’s time to look back and see how much we reaped versus how much it cost to sow. 271 more words

Stuff And Things

UniVaca - What's in a name?

We all have that “When I was your age” story. That story we heard throughout our young lives so many times that we eventually reached a point of being able to recite it back to our parents as soon as we heard the cue “When I was your age…” Most often it was preceded by our complaints over having to do some chore or not being able to participate in some activity. 969 more words

Stuff And Things

The importance of food in society – ACCA-13 Commentary

I never thought I would write a post about food on this blog, but here I am. ACCA is an anime that is obsessed with its food and its political intrigue. 700 more words

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Once in a Lifetime

(This is the seventh and final in a short series of posts)

After the service, we stand in a makeshift receiving line outside the church. 767 more words