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House of Cards Season 3 Review

So after waiting quite awhile for Season 3, was the end result worth the wait? Here is my review for House of Cards Season 3! 10 more words

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Hitman Agent 47 Trailer Teardown

So I finally watched the trailer for the new Agent 47 Trailer even though every fiber of my being told me not to. And afterwards, I proceeded to destroy it. 8 more words

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Neil Blomkamp Confirms Alien Film + Alien 3 & Resurrection History!

It’s been the talk of many Alien fans for the past few days. Now we can rest easy and begin the wait for Neil Blomkamp’s Alien film which will disregard Alien 3 and Resurrection and give the true sequel we wanted to James Cameron’s Aliens! 22 more words

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This is probably going to blow your mind, but then again, maybe not. Probably not. Almost certainly not yet. Blogging is a shitty word. I hate it with my face. 44 more words

gravel pit

they took Gaia by the hair
ripped her up
and took her away in pieces.
i walked with my father and sister
and stared into the pit… 46 more words

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Experimenting with Twitter

The Library blog has been very quiet of late, partly because it’s mad busy in this place, but also because of Twitter. Beware – it’s addictive. 39 more words

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