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Valentines with kiddos...

Now that Luis and I have a little one, our valentines day is a little different.  Last year we cooked lunch together while E jumped in his bouncy.  431 more words


why i don't have any a-levels

Economics essay, 1991.

Adam Smith, noted tight-arse Scottish economist, successfully demonstrated his theory of supply and demand by only serving haggis to his house guests. Fried haggis for breakfast, haggis sandwiches (thin sliced haggis between two thick slices of haggis) for lunch, and a haggis roast at dinner. 43 more words

Stuff And Things

Walking Dead Memes #1

In honor the the midseason return of The Walking Dead in ONE WEEK (can you believe it? I can’t either!) I decided to pull off a series of my favorite  127 more words


Of Mechs and Men

The Gundam franchise is the thing that I get the closest to fanboying over.  I loved this series since the first time I’ve laid eyes on it.  999 more words


Good Evening...

… Unless you’re reading this at any other time, in which case this intro is totally lost on you.

Let’s start again.

Hello, my name is Tasia Ling-Marriott and this is the first post of a weekly blog which (as stated in the tagline) will be full of weirdness… but not just that, it will also feature swords (and sword fighting), gothic-y stuff, motor trikes, horror and short stories. 90 more words

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Asian Skincare Shopping Tips: When to Pass on Tempting Products

In the AB world, the graveyard of regrettable purchases stretches for miles in every direction, a barren and blighted necropolis marked by inexplicably cute headstones and forever haunted by the souls of dollars wasted, never to return. 1,471 more words

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My Reaction to the 2016 Oscar Nominations

So the Oscars nominations got announced so I did a video reaction to what got nominated and what got snubbed.

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