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AnElephant and a Sanity Clause

AnElephantCant stay calm when it’s Xmas
If anything he acts even dafter
As the seasonal bells jingle
He feels his tactile trunk tingle
And his ears flap with joy at the laughter… 119 more words

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The Little House that Walked

The little House is quite surprised
When a Spaceship lands nearby
Hey Spaceship what are you doing here?
She is quite thrilled by his reply… 143 more words

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The Adventures of Jack the Little Giant

Click on the Image to hear Jack’s Story

Or here:
The Adventures of Jack the Little Giant

AnElephantCant claim he’s a writer
But he likes to churn out a daft rhyme… 305 more words

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The Tickle Song

The Tickle Song (click to listen)

Your second-favourite Elephant wrote this a couple of years ago in cahoots with a 4 year old
dragon-hunting mammoth-catcher with a super-hydrosonic secret magic stick gun. 185 more words

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How Not to Parler Francais in One Really Difficult Lesson


AnElephantCant teach you to speak French*
But please keep these thoughts in your mind
You can’t eat a futon**
Or sit on a crouton
Unless you have a tres petit behind  197 more words

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The Mighty Green Snotter Man


If you are of a delicate or sensitive disposition, please read another blog.
Any other blog, here or elsewhere.

This poem contains some elements of (alleged) humour which appeal to children of all ages but not at all to anyone with a semblance of maturity. 413 more words

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Poetic Injustice

AnElephantCant always write sensibly
AnElephantCant stick to the rules
It’s not what he’s got
But what he’s not got
That makes AnElephant amazingly cool

He’s not got a clue about poetry… 123 more words

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