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The rainy season has come

Clearly I need to be keeping a closer eye on the 10-day forecast. We got around .11 inch of rain on Saturday. I found my first Berkeley Pink Tie Dye tomatoes on Sunday! 174 more words

Time to face my limitations

I’ve been seeing a therapist lately. This week I said something about how later in the season I will have to accept that I have limits to what I can do. 847 more words

On the road

On Saturday I decided to finally load my bike on a train and go have a little ride in the countryside-as I need to escape London every 15 days or so to prevent myself from going insane. 896 more words

Stuff I Did

Potting up!

Today I potted up more broccoli (did some fridayish), all of the dino kale, the rest of the dahlias, and some thumbelina zinnias!

I really got into a groove after a while, I felt, but I still only did 3 trays of 3.5 inch pots and 1 tray of 2.5 inch pots. 281 more words

Waiting for the ground to dry out

I haven’t been spending enough time in the garden lately. I’m getting a bit burnt-out on spending most of my garden time watering seedlings (I have 13 trays started so far). 275 more words

Old Tales from Istanbul

I had a look at my old photographs from Turkey today and I realised I never wrote anything about that trip. This is unacceptable for two reasons: one, it’s been ages since it happened and I remember only a fraction of it and two, I don’t remember it precisely because I didn’t write about it. 1,585 more words

Stuff I Did

Weekend trip to Lincoln-Pt.1

I have resolved to try and visit at least some of the UK before leaving it (for the second time). When a promotional e-mail on train ticket sales landed on my inbox I could therefore only assume it was fate, guiding me to the cheapest available destination . 1,873 more words

Stuff I Did