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Some rain's in the forecast

We’ve had 51% of normal rainfall for this point in the season. Last year at this point we’d gotten 203%. We started watering this week. 287 more words

Vacation - Day 1

Hello to all my beautiful readers that share my kinda sometimes interesting life <3

I arrived to Santiago de Chile from Concepci√≥n like 4 hours ago, and it was approximately a 6 hours trip, where i mostly played… 103 more words


The last days.

Salutations to all of you who take the time to read about my not so interesting life.
Before i start, this post is about what i have been doing these days, because i haven’t written in like 3 days, so it might be long, ill try to not make it so. 619 more words


I mentioned participating from an opera, so this is just a quick update to drop the link in hopes you watch it and enjoy it, tomorrow i want to write a bit about what i did today,  right now not because i have to raid. 6 more words


Today i felt better.

Even if yesterday i was screaming in a hospital, today it was kinda nice, i slept a lot (probably due to the drugs in my system), woke up and went jogging for a while, i had a nice lunch, had a quick nap and got woken up by mother to take me to the doctor again to book an hour (I don’t know how else to explain it in English, if someone reads this, please tell me how do you say when you take an hour with the doctor). 96 more words


So yesterday i got a Dystonia...

And i ended up like this:

Now i talk about it and laugh and crack some jokes like i was Dr. House and i overdose in Vicodin, but at the moment it was easily the worst moment of my life, my head and neck were bending against my will to the back of my body, like if i was looking up and tried to look behind my back, i was in paint and sometimes screaming, while trying to not make my mother more worried than she already was. 94 more words


I watched Koe no Katachi

It was fucking great.

I case you don’t know, it’s about a deaf girl who gets bullied by the protagonist up to the point she leaves the School and then he becomes the bullied, then he later goes on a path to redemption. 105 more words