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Catholic? Really? How can you even do it?

I attended the Catholic Church as a young child by obviously no choice of my own.  I learned the prayers and the songs but never really knew what it all meant. 291 more words

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Slut Shamming

Slut shamming is one of the things that I hate the most in in our society, people never use it for men. It’s based around the fact that for women having sex is bad or not to be discussed, men are celebrated socially for having intercourse where women are shammed, by people of both genders calling them slut, easy and just objectifying. 117 more words

Stuff I Hate

People who use Gay as an insult

Where I live using gay as an insult is normal. When you call people out on it they just say we don’t mean it to be homophobic it’s just an insult here. 62 more words

Stuff I Hate

Do We Really Do This?

A chair and a whip in front of an innocent lion who was born in captivity and has never known anything else?? One time that animal was a sweet, innocent cub with eyes barely open looking for mommy. 514 more words


Having your cake and eating it too

I loved Christmas when I was a kid.

Not in a weird way. Even as a five-year-old I never dreamed of being one of those “Mr Christmas” characters who celebrate Christmas every day. 979 more words


Democracy is wasted on the people

I think I prefer fiction.

I am not a massive fan of reality, but I am willing to touch base with it on special ocassions such as the US Presidential election, especially when one of the major candidates is a woman, and the other a narcissistic cartoon character with the intellectual curiosity of a sofa cushion. 842 more words


Kona Died

“This was the hardest one,” an ape keeper named Tara at the Dallas zoo told me today, “the hardest one ever.”

Anyone who works in any capacity with the apes had sunglasses on today and were carrying much needed tissue. 619 more words