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Stuff I Like: humangear capCAP

In this day of fancy water bottles with bite valves and insulated vacuum flasks that double as long range growlers there is not a lot of love for the old Nalgene bottle. 246 more words

Stuff I Like

This one is for the ladies...

This is not a blog that thousands of people read. I’ve said before that it is more like a journal and a way to pass some time while I count down the hours/days/weeks/months until daddy comes home (hence the title). 1,051 more words

Stuff I Like

Stuff I Like: Benchmade 551

Knives are tools. However, a lot of people I know will spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on tools and equipment for their favorite outdoor pursuits while topping it off with a no name knife from your local purveyor of things made in China. 377 more words

Stuff I Like

Good Mythical Morning

I don’t have cable, but I’m obsessed with YouTube so I thought I would start sharing some videos that I like. This is a daily morning talk show hosted by lifelong friends, Rhett and Link. 31 more words

Good Mythical Morning

Last 30 Days’ Book Recommendations

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, on 23rd August I set myself the task of recommending a book a day until Christmas along with a short review on Goodreads. 377 more words

Anthony Ryan

Stuff I like: Terrified, the podcast

Part of why I write here as little as I do, and in particular why I struggle with consistent posting, is that I’m still absurdly insecure about the choices I make regarding what makes a “good post” for this blog. 1,690 more words

Mental Health

Zen, letting go

For the longest time I’ve been scared.  I’ve had that chronic kinda stress that just became part of the background noise, that kind of heavy, oppressive noise that you eventually adapt to and treat as your environment.   452 more words

Stuff I Like