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Another little wrap

Rohrspatz Wollmeise 100% pure wool ‘nautical miles’ I used 100gms from a 150gm hank so lots left to crochet the edges (once I learn how) 14 more words

Stuff I Made

You've Pulled... Chicken Taco & Slaw (vg)

It was a Wednesday night. I remember it well.

I was wandering around the supermarket in a daze.

Crowds of people buzzing around me.

Some foraging for their weekly supplies. 343 more words

Stuff I Made

Jagged edge wrap

CAR = Carriage on right, CAL = Carriage on left

HP = Holding position, WP = Working position

K = Knit

***Cast on 87 Stitches with waste yarn starting at far left hand side of needle bed. 350 more words

Stuff I Made

Proud moment

I am quite proud of this, I only unpicked once.

I would love to claim I spun or dyed the yarn, but I did neither. This was machine knit from one 100gm ball of ‘Opal, Blutenpracht, col 9113’ 75% wool, 25% polyamide, 4ply sock yarn. 11 more words

Stuff I Made

Sweet Roasted Enchiladas (vg)

There will be times when you want to be a proud enchilada mama and make him from scratch. There will also be times when you just want to be a lazy little MF and throw together a tasty Mexican feast with minimal effort. 460 more words

Stuff I Made

Gettin' Baked Risotto (vg)

I’ve heard wild rumours that risotto is tough to make. You have to watch it like a hawk, stir it at secondly intervals, buff each rice grain to a mirror like sheen etc… and ain’t nobody got time for that! 251 more words

Stuff I Made

Hangover Noodle Soup (vg)

I know you’ll be out this weekend partaking in all sorts of razmatazz you naughty little booze hounds. This one is dedicated to the tequila takers, the cocktail makers, the ‘got inebriated-beyond-belief-and-ended-up-naked-in-a-lake-rs’. 403 more words

Stuff I Made