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Stuff I Wrote: April 2018

During the month of April, I wrote some of my favorite pieces for Film School Rejects/One Perfect Shot. Check them out!

On FSR, we held our first #DebateWeek, where a bunch of staff writers made the case that certain years in film were the best. 205 more words

Stuff I Wrote

Stuff I Wrote: March 2018

In March, I continued my internship at Film School Rejects/One Perfect Shot: I wrote my last post on video essays, about a great one using Stagecoach to examine the “face of film.” 126 more words

Stuff I Wrote

More luv for Red Prophet Rises!

Another perfect score for Red Prophet Rises by hardly the least of OSR figures. The prolific Melan is a frequent contributor to Knockspell, Fight On, wrote several bazzilion adventures [1], might be the only man besides Bryce and myself with that many OSR reviews and has a permanent seat at the tenfootpole household for MOST BEST EVARS EVAR. 645 more words

Stuff I Wrote: Feb. 2018

February was the first full month I spent as an intern with Film School Rejects/One Perfect Shot. It has been incredibly cool experience having a platform to write about film. 158 more words

Stuff I Wrote

Meanwhile over at Tenfootpole.org...

I can’t say I’m not immensely pleased with the verdict.

The writing is evocative without being verbose. At one point there’s a captive centaur forced to fight an opponent to the death.

1,470 more words
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PrinceofNothing & Malrex Present: The Red Prophet Rises

So on a completely different note: After backseatdriving for about 3 years now I took the plunge. The last two months I have been talking, writing and collaborating with Aaron Fairbrook, author of  471 more words

Trespassing: From Manderley to Xanadu - Updated

In December, I wrote about a video essay I made comparing Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940) and Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane (1941)I wrote an… 739 more words

Stuff I Wrote