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Answer for Stuff You Missed in History Class

My friend Mary B. at the Museum told me that the ladies who do the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcasts had a question about ancient Egyptian names (which came up in their… 598 more words


Stuff You Missed In History Class (Podcast)

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been listening to SYMIHC a lot. I love podcasts. My mind protests if there is no distraction, and podcasts allow me to listen to stories while washing the dishes, cleaning the house, walking the dog, travelling, etc. 400 more words


High Five Monday - Podcast Lovin

Howdy Y’all,

How are you? Happy Monday!! I hope you are all enjoyed the weekend. Mine was quiet which was lovely especially since we have been busier recently and with the impending holiday and birthday season nearly upon us quiet family time will be decreasing. 605 more words

High Five

Five Good Things for 10/11/2015

Five things I encountered today that were interesting, educational, beautiful, edifying or that I otherwise found to be…well, good. None of these are promotions and I do not receive any benefit from sharing them. 413 more words

Five Good Things

5 podcasts you need to listen to


Hosts: Jad Abumrad, Robert Krulwich

This Peabody Award-winning show produces fascinating documentaries that, in its own words, “blur the boundaries between science, philosophy and human experience”. 404 more words

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5 Podcasts You Need in Your Life

I, like most other people, spend a lot of time by myself. Sometimes it’s during the week while I’m busy in my craft room or doing housework, others on the weekends, usually in my car out running errands and visiting friends. 1,016 more words


Things Tuesday: 08/18/2015

ONE Let’s start on an exciting note, 17 days until Aggie Football. Whoop! It’s going to be one heck of a season, or at least I hope. 346 more words