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My Love Affair With Podcasts

For better or worse, the amount of free time in my days has increased exponentially in the Peace Corps. To fill this space, I’ve started listening to a lot of Podcasts. 650 more words


History Podcasts

I love history. I just can’t read, listen or learn enough about history. I also love podcasts, so when history and podcasts are combined, I am going to be happy. 215 more words


TDISH: When Bankers Kill

When we think of bankers today, we usually think of stodgy men in business suits and carrying briefcases.  In Renaissance Florence, however, banking could be a much more dangerous profession.  431 more words

This Date In History

Winter Highlights!

So I’ve been trying to post my December and January Highlights for WEEKS MONTHS now, but seeing as how February is now over and Spring is almost here (yay!), I figured I’d just summarize the last three months into one wintery post :) I have lots of highlights from our trip to France for Christmas, but first, BOOKS! 896 more words


Three Of Our Favorite Podcasts To Get You Through Humpday

I love podcasts, you can get them anywhere, they don’t eat up much of your data plan and you can get them on literally any topic you want. 265 more words

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Stuff you Missed in History Class reveals Michelangelo's Pieta

 Episode:  A Brief History of the Pietà

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From the producers of the hit podcast “Stuff You Should Know” comes the hit “Stuff You Missed in History Class”.   236 more words


Answer for Stuff You Missed in History Class

My friend Mary B. at the Museum told me that the ladies who do the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcasts had a question about ancient Egyptian names (which came up in their… 588 more words