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Stuff You Missed In History Class

Stuff You Missed In History Class is a podcast by HowStuffWorks.com that I have been completely addicted to in the past few weeks. I was introduced to this amazing resource by a contribution by a student to the… 338 more words

Favorite Podcasts

Ever since the Serial craze I have been absolutely addicted to podcasts. I like to listen to them on busy commutes when concentrating on reading is too hard, and at night instead of watching TV. 454 more words


Stuff You Missed in History Class -- Like That Rape Wasn't a Thing Before 1984, Apparently

April 7, 2015

Have you ever known someone for a while – liked them, gotten along with them, and respected their opinion – only to suddenly have them destroy your regard by saying or doing something so wrong, so terrible, so callous that you immediately had second-thoughts about remaining their friend? 986 more words


Internet Treasure Hunt- First Edition

This week we’re trialing something new on the blog. Every week Angel, Jenny and I find lots of weird, wacky, interesting, engaging and occasionally gif-tastic content. 547 more words


I Would Totally Read Historical Fiction About These Awesome Ladies

*Check out my modern fairy tale “Frog Boy” in Issue Zero of Mystic Illuminations!*

I love podcasts. Podcasts have helped me enjoy cross-country drives and what would normally have been excruciating traffic jams. 754 more words

Eva Langston

What We're Reading: Broken Homes, Secret Projects and Attachments

Somehow, it’s the last weekend in January. While on the East Coast of America some of us were plagued with snow, snow and more snow, others of us had to find other good reasons to curl up with a book. 518 more words


Podcast Party! (Part Three)

In the first two parts of this mini series, I detailed the confirmed guests for my Podcast Party as well as potential invitees. In this final installment, I’ll go over some really popular choices from others that I just cannot seem to click with. 507 more words