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Podcast Love

My sister started listening to podcasts a lot earlier than me. For a while I don’t think I really understood what they were, and I was reluctant to commit to anything that I’d have to follow basically on my own. 720 more words


My Top 5 Favorite Podcast

For the past year, podcasts have been my favorite source of media. In case you don’t know, podcast is a form of audio broadcasting. If you have an iPhone, you most likely already have the podcast app. 666 more words


Minneapolis and Northern Wisconsin- Day 1

Fri. Aug. 19, 2016:
Toronto flying to Minneapolis, MN, driving to Chetek, WI

We had to leave the house at 5:45am, the subway was not yet running and I highly doubted that there would be an available Uber driver so we took a cab to Pearson airport. 1,583 more words

Adventures Of Pinka!


*started writing this two days ago. last week is over, but I still want to share these, so pretend like I’m still in the state I say I was when I drafted this post, lol. 617 more words


Dream (8/4/16): Josh and Chuck from Stuff You Should Know Assemble a Bottle of Whiskey with Me

In this dream I found myself opening the mail with Josh and Chuck from the podcast Stuff You Should Know. One of the items that came was a package. 60 more words

3 day catch up

Forgive the silence over the weekend, between work and everything else I was busy and didn’t get around to typing up my rough draft. So this is going possibly a long blog, covering the weekend and today. 1,652 more words

Stuff You Should Know - Earth 50k years from now

From July 2012:

-One-billionth of sun’s power reaches the earth, and currently we harvest one-millionth of that one-billionth portion

-”Types” of civilization:  Type 0 (what we are now); Type 1 (ability to harvest all energy of a planet–humans could get there in 100 years); Type 2 (harvest all energy of a solar system); Type 3 (harvest all energy on a galactic scale) 11 more words