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Animal Fact Friday: The Ostrich

When was the last time you saw an Ostrich? Probably at the zoo. I believe that everyone should go to the zoo at least every 32 months and should not go to the same zoo more than twice in a row. 756 more words

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Animal Fact Friday: Origins

Welcome to Animal Fact Friday! I’ve said before that our goal here is to inform and entertain and I don’t think anything can embody that better than Animal Fact Friday. 604 more words

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What I'm Listening to

I have always (and hopefully always will) love music of all genres but in the last 2 years especially it’s felt a bit like taking my work home with me and while I still enjoy music when I am relaxing at home or cooking, when traveling I always prefer a podcast. 129 more words


The Rounding Rule $$$

At this point it is fairly safe to assume that all of you have seen the study conducted by GoBanking stating 69% of Americans having less than $1000 in savings. 686 more words

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Podcasts are Love, Podcasts are Life

You know I hadn’t realised how long I’d been listening to podcasts until a podcast I listen to celebrated its 11 year anniversary. Of those 11 I’ve been a listener for 8 almost 9 years which is – when I stop to think about it, a long time to be a fan of anything.  689 more words


Bacteria, Baby Brain, and B*#&$

I’ve (once again) fallen behind on podcasts thanks to my recent binge in audiobooks (I’ll be back, don’t worry my love), but here are three of the best podcasts I listened to before I fell off the bandwagon: 222 more words


podcast highlight: Stuff You Should Know

A few years ago, I started listening to podcasts because I wanted something different while I ran.  Little did I know that this timid venture into a single podcast would open up an entire world of entertainment and education!   413 more words