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Happy National Ice Cream Day

Today is National Ice Cream Day!  And our friends at How Stuff Works provided a concise history of the wonderful summer dessert:

“The earliest reports of people enjoying flavored ice desserts come from the Romans and the Chinese. 91 more words

P.S. Re Podcasts

I had a lengthy podcast post already, but I’m back with some additional comments.

First, if you read my original post you’ll know I was not very impressed with… 251 more words


Earth-Friendly Renovation and Construction (podcast)

Green Renovation and Construction

This podcast will teach you a bit about ways to renovate/rebuild your space while keeping the earth in mind. There are so many ways to be green — they’ll save you $$$ in the future. 11 more words

DO Something

Why Do Your Ears Sometimes Hurt on Airplanes? | Don’t Be...

Why Do Your Ears Sometimes Hurt on Airplanes? | Don’t Be Dumb

You know how your ears feel like they will surely burst sometimes when you’re riding on an airplane?

23 more words

Alphabet soup, AKA: EAP ETA PDO in DC

I just got back from an event in DC that was about as information-heavy as its title – the East Asia Pacific (EAP) English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO). 725 more words

People make the Earth Shake

Can Humans Start an Earthquake?

Drilling, flooding, building. There are so many ways to shake things up!

Podcast Link: LISTEN HERE

Source: OFFICIAL WEBPAGE / SCRIPT… 44 more words