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We’ve lost our lease!

Sister Kat and Nephew Davis have come and gone, and their visit was both a tonic for Mom and a big surprise for Dad (Mom and I decided not to tell him of their pending arrival, and he was positively floored as a result).  477 more words


Podcast, Anyone?

By: Stacy Thompson

I’ve recently taken on a fairly significant physical challenge for the end of the year (more on that later) that will require me to spend a LOT of time in the pool, on the stairs and, whenever possible, on the trail. 478 more words

Stacy Thompson

Atlas, Aurora, and Advancing Entomology

Wow.  It’s been a beat hasn’t it?  I, sadly, haven’t been listening to a lot of podcasts lately.  My podcast time (my commute) has recently been taken up by phone calls (I know, I know, shame on me.  854 more words


A Month for Me...Podcasts (Day 4)

When you spend less time watching TV, it inevitably frees up time for other things. In this case…podcasts. It’s nice to have another option for when I’m out walking, on the train (when I can’t get a seat to actually sit down and read a book), or working around the house. 878 more words

Healthy Living

Animal Fact Friday: The Ostrich

When was the last time you saw an Ostrich? Probably at the zoo. I believe that everyone should go to the zoo at least every 32 months and should not go to the same zoo more than twice in a row. 756 more words

Modern Life

Animal Fact Friday: Origins

Welcome to Animal Fact Friday! I’ve said before that our goal here is to inform and entertain and I don’t think anything can embody that better than Animal Fact Friday. 604 more words

Modern Life

What I'm Listening to

I have always (and hopefully always will) love music of all genres but in the last 2 years especially it’s felt a bit like taking my work home with me and while I still enjoy music when I am relaxing at home or cooking, when traveling I always prefer a podcast. 129 more words