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Favorite Five: Podcasts: Part Two

I thought I was going to make it this winter without getting sick but last Friday I could feel it attacking. Five days later; having gone through multiple boxes of tissues and having sinus pressure so bad I was in tears, I am almost feeling normal. 902 more words

Favorite Five

SYSK Shout Out

The wonderful Chuck and Josh over at the Stuff You Should Know podcast mentioned Footnotes in their January 20th episode.  Thanks guys!  

Why Do You Get A Lump In Your Throat When You’re On The Verge of...

Why Do You Get A Lump In Your Throat When You’re On The Verge of Tears?

Has someone ever made you almost cry, but you swallowed and it made your tears go away?

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Of Interest

Sometimes it feels like everything on the internet flies by so quickly that even really interesting things get buried in the rush to post post post. 692 more words


Reveling in the Podcast Renaissance

So I’ve just recently gotten into podcasts in a very big way. And when I say in a very big way, I mean I haven’t listened to much else in about two weeks, averaging at about 48 hours a week of podcast listening. 544 more words


Joe Strummer at 50: As Punk as It Gets

So I was arguing with an old coot not too long ago on a message board, a guy who claimed he’d lived through the punk explosion of the 70s, which apparently made him a punk Yoda of sorts in his own mind. 1,387 more words

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Podcast Party! (Part Three)

In the first two parts of this mini series, I detailed the confirmed guests for my Podcast Party as well as potential invitees. In this final installment, I’ll go over some really popular choices from others that I just cannot seem to click with. 507 more words