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Podcasting was at first believed to be a short-lived fad that was quickly loosing steam.  The idea behind a podcast was that in daily/weekly/monthly installments a podcaster would release a clip that ranged from storytelling to just brainstorming thoughts on a topic of interest.   427 more words



I’ve listened on and off to podcasts since my first year of college. It was very hard for me to stay consistent with anything because I have to concentrate very hard to actually comprehend and remember whatever people are saying. 852 more words

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If You Love That, You'll Enjoy This (Podcast Recommendations)

The point of this site is to help podcasters find a new audience and help listeners discover their next favorite (sometimes unknown) podcast. An issue we, as podcast listeners, sometimes face is getting stuck into our consumption routine. 689 more words


7 Podcasts You Should Check Out (Right Now!)

The month of March was #trypod, that great time of year when you recommend your favorite podcasts to friends, family, and coworkers. So that’s what I’m doing right now, on April 2nd (classic Hillary). 1,419 more words

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This month, podcasters (at least the ones I listen to) have been encouraging listeners to share their favorites – get the word out about the greatness of the podcast.  397 more words

February 23rd: Listen to "Stuff You Should Know" Podcast

This was something that as I was making my list and researching other things that people who made “to-do lists” had done I came across. I do not know what I was expecting… I actually have never listened to a Podcast before… I know, I know, what century was I born in? 300 more words

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Life's mysteries and the Poop that goes with them

I was reading Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs on the toilet today when the idea of this story hit me; it’s all about poop. Life, dreams, existence, all of it.   524 more words