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What is compersion?

What is compersion?

Well generally it is a word directly used by the polyamorous community to describe the feeling one gets from their partner(s) being happy with another partner(s). 342 more words


untitled (drunken poetry series)

Whipping wicked wind
kicking up stinging dust
but you still have to sleep
you still have to pay it all
with your cards and seeds… 45 more words

Stuff 'n' things!!

I’m really sorry that I’ve forgotten to blog these past two months, and I don’t have any good excuses diversions reasons to explain myself. Anyhow, some cool stuff has happened since then, the main event being me going to WARHAMMER WORLD!!! 53 more words

Important Dates

Where do you get your kpop music (legally)? [v. 3]

I recently began a trial subscription to Apple Music, and I’m happy to share that I’m spending significantly more time listening to K-music than I did last year when majority of my music discovery happened via television variety shows and serendipitous YouTube videos. 436 more words



So, I am sitting around on a Saturday evening, bored as a gourd with nothing constructive to do, so I flip through some you tube videos and settle on watching season 14 Most Fun American Idol and find myself smiling to the point of crying and I wonder WTF is the matter with me. 102 more words

How Do I Feel?