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Beyond the stars - Room 101

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else.  Originally they were 101 words only.  I’m less strict about that now.  320 more words


Things that I'm doing in 2018

Hello everyone. It has been pretty quiet over the last little while, what with book things winding down at the end of 2017 and winding back up somewhat at the beginning of 2018. 381 more words


Emotional depth

So my monsters are all ‘We like your happy pictures but would like to remind you that we are complex individuals with our own perspectives and opinions and emotional depth and you should portray this’ and I’m all ‘You mean you want to look like disaffected but unwittingly cute teenagers?’ and they’re all ‘YES!’ so …here you go, monsters.



via Daily Prompt: Tardy

I hate being late. I grew up with “15 minutes early means you’re late.” Blame my Dad. That is kind of rare I think. 148 more words


STUFF: Quality fails sometimes 2: KEF speakers

The saga of the broken Nespresso coffee machine was resolved after a bit of a struggle, so I’m back enjoying good coffee once again. My KEF loudspeakers failed at about the same time: how long was I going to be deprived of another great enjoyment in life – music? 1,116 more words


a little heads up

After a lot of faffing around, I’ve decided on running two blogs concurrently. This one will be primarily about my experiences with “culture”, ie Film (movies) under the heading Popcorn; Music under the category Earwax; visual art under the category Art and everything else under the category Stuff. 340 more words


Things and words: a critical discursive approach to new technologies

Over on the DD317 – Advancing Social Psychology – blog Stephanie Taylor reviews an interesting new book and presents a view of new technologies that is informed by critical discursive psychology. 291 more words