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Friday. Oh Yeah.

Today went fast and I was ready for the weekend. Getting quite anxious to be off work for the year, but I’ll settle for only working a day or two a week right now. 410 more words

Just Things

A Bit of Today

I did a few errands today. Thankfully, the snow was powder and was easy to brush off mum’s car. We still don’t have the garage tidy enough for the rig. 648 more words

Why Some Men have a dog...

Why some men have a dog instead of a wife #9…

If a dog has babies, you can put an ad in the paper and give them away.

Being 30 and Other Such Non-sense

So I turned 30 this past July and let me tell you, this shit is not at all how I expected it to be. We all have that idea of what we’ll be like when we reach certain ages. 887 more words


Review: Justice League The Curse of Zak Snyder

I was apprehensive walking into the cinema – I was out of town, with nothing to do but either stare at my feet in a soulless hotel room or visit the near by shopping mall with its requisite and equally soulless multiplex. 858 more words