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Stuff - when less is more

I’m not sure how we got to this.  I’m the same person who wrote the blog ‘collect memories not things’; who asks for ‘experiences’ as presents, who’s married someone who prefers ‘consumables’; and who’s governed by quality over quantity. 742 more words


On carry-on bags

I know quite a few travelers who always travel with a carry-on bag, and I see even more during my trips.

Whether the purpose is to save time at departure or arrival by not having to check-in and wait at the baggage claim, or to fight the fear of losing your stuff, you should know that this is not free; it comes at a cost, and that cost is my time (and the time of everyone else who did check a bag). 77 more words


PES 2017: Like coming home

This isn’t a review and it was never meant to be. The target audience for this game won’t be really interested in the thoughts someone like me could have regarding this title. 861 more words


It's my Blogiversary

And I nearly missed it! Though to be fair I never remember to write the date down and the reminder from the nice people at Wordpress wanders from 20th to 22nd January and back again. 146 more words


The Strong Stuff

Listen before you act. Not that I do it, but you should.

Still experimenting a bit with different styles that I feel comfortable with, so don´t expect every comic to look the same.


Actually, less than 2 weeks until launch!

They say you need to pull all favours with your first novel, so I’m trying everything I can.

Guys! Can you please help support my book launch by adding your amazing social contact lists to my thunderclap? 18 more words