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Nothing is freedom

When I think of the idea of being an adult, I see a lot of things that have been piled before me – all these trends that define what adulthood means. 272 more words


Book Cover Award Thing 2016: Redressing the Balance a Bit

Because of the disparity of male v female artists in the selected covers, I’m adding some additional late entrants using my executive powers!

Karen Memory – Elizabeth Bear : Artist/Designer – Cynthia Sheppard(Artist) 71 more words


The Crap Upon the Shelf

A metal rack adorned with clutter

Woven baskets, bottles, books, and other things

A little dust, yet each thing placed with precision

What organization, or what intent is between the glassware? 53 more words


September Wrap Up 2016

September is now over and I’ve survived my first month back at school. Is it June yet?

Despite how inactive I’ve been in the blogging world, I can say that I read 10 books! 254 more words



Just a pretty big cloud-breathing duck I guess.

Unless underwater rhinoceroses and their friends are very very small, in which case it’s just a duck.


Migrating to Office 365 to SharePoint Online? Part 3: Update your site and site collection ownership

Most SharePoint environments have grown organically and the ownership hasn’t been kept up to date with employees, moving, leaving and changing roles. Having this ownership up to date is critical to enforcing data and security  policy, communicating migration plans to the business areas and site users. 515 more words


What were the Odds?

A pretty rare occurrence tonight of a Secret Hunter with five secrets up at only two mana. I mean, that’s pretty crazy, Paladins were scary last year with five secrets on turn six, remember? 404 more words