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“A HANDBAG?” With apologies to Oscar Wilde…

I do love a handbag… they don’t have to be a designer brand, I have no use for dainty Chanel bags, although I love the perfume – I like big bags and I cannot lie…(sorry.) 405 more words


Ex-PM Tony Abbott Headbutted

So former Australian Prime Minister was headbutted yesterday by in Tasmanian by an anarchist DJ. http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/it-was-nothing-to-do-with-samesex-marriage-anarchist-dj-who-headbutted-tony-abbott-speaks-out-20170922-gymu2z.html

The DJ Astro Labe said:

“was just a lifelong ambition to headbutt a fascist because I’m a skinhead that likes ska music and hates fascism.

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This Post Is One Giant "By The Way..."

I feel so weird writing about this. But I did write about it.

So gender identity is a thing. And if I have to use the words and definitions associated with that whole realm of stuff, then it’s fair to say that I understand myself to be pretty damn non-binary… which is a word I used to be comfortable with, but now I’m like “ehh that sounds a little clinical and evokes particular queer-community-connotations that don’t totally resonate with me.” 1,282 more words

♡ Bones and Marty ♡

Minha primeira polaroid feito com fotos do Animal Crossing ♡ Amei o resultado!