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Conversations With Rocky & Millie

I’m a single girl.  I live alone with two large dogs.  Some of the conversations I have with them are pretty funny.

Yes I’ve actually said all of these things to them on a pretty regular basis. 300 more words



So. As you can tell from the title of this I am very excited.

I was about to start writing this afternoon when I decided to casually check my emails before I kicked off. 45 more words


My equipment

First of all, a couple of words about my stuff. What I have at the moment (sorry for poor quality of the photo, it was made with my iPhone 5s): 293 more words


Worded bliss....or something

“Happy anniversary with WordPress!” is the merry little message I’ve just received on my wordypress sidebar ( the only kind of bar I frequent these days). 821 more words

A Breath of Fresh Hair

We’re always at the mercy of the ones who does our hair and in my case, I’m the passive guy who simply wants to get it over with. 469 more words


Some Opinions not About Trump

Collected for the purpose of expressing them:

  1. Oreo cookies are a very mediocre biscuit. This maybe my British biscuit snobbery speaking but having said that, surely America has better cookies than these?
  2. 204 more words