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Én ting jeg lærte som kommersiell skribent

Søndag og mandag er de dagene folk bestiller ferie – eller i det aller minste drømmer om feire. Veit dere hvorfor?

Det er fordi det er på søndag og mandag at vi får vår ukentlige dypp ned i depresjonsbøtta. 96 more words


Here I Am!

Goodness! It’s been two months since my last post!

There are a few reasons for this…

  1. I’ve not really had the time
  2. I’ve not really been motivated to write…
  3. 204 more words

Phillips Phunny: Donald Trump Moves Stuff Around

Check out what “Jimmy Kimmel Live” noticed about our President during meetings.

A “Jimmy Kimmel Live” viewer named Anthony recently wrote into the show to point out that Donald Trump has a tendency to move stuff when he sits down for a meeting.


I have big pockets

Sometimes, that creativity-thing is just nowhere to be found, but the urge to draw something is still there. When that happens, I find it best to just draw whatever’s around me. 258 more words


Making Life Simpler

It’s happening. Every day I get closer to living my ultimate dream of what I call spiritual simplicity. What it really means is I’m getting rid of “stuff” and focusing on what really matters to me…people, service, experiences and learning. 452 more words

Going to China? What to bring [Other Than The Obvious]:

As I still reflect on my time in China, and even think about going back, I thought I would help someone like someone helped me. So here’s a list of things to bring (mostly from a woman’s perspective, but there are useful things for everyone): 223 more words

I love Charles Bukowski.

Let me tell you something about an old and dirty alcoholic who also happened to write some of the best poems out there. 728 more words