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W is for What I Like

I don’t collect Weird ¬†stuff on purpose, it just seems to fall into my life. Like this ridiculous collection of refrigerator magnets. Yes, that IS a giant haggis magnet. 253 more words


Got Some More

Got two more Wapi Friends made! I had a few issues with these little guys but I may just be rushing myself to quickly. I need to calm down. 10 more words


Friday Smiles Pics.....

“Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it”!!!!!!

Grumpy cat says have a great weekend and don’t be grumpy! 32 more words


Crocheted Turtle

This turtle was made of Impeccable yarn. He has a top hat in black with little beads. It

I recalled the story of a turtle racing with a rabbit. 31 more words

DIY Plush Toy Wish List

This post from Wild Olive recently has me thinking about my favorite part of a project. My very favorite part is stuffing plush toys. It might in fact be why I make so many plush toys. 229 more words

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