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Weekly Adventure #2 | Build-A-Bear Workshop

When my mom would take me to the mall as a child, I always wanted to look in the Build-A-Bear store. I was in love with stuffed animals ( I still am haha) and wanted to make one of my own. 451 more words

Season 1 Episode 25: New Friends for Blarffy!


Devan: Guess who?

Blarffy: Is it you, Devan?

Devan: Yes it is, buddy! It’s your best friend!

Blarffy: Yay!! Play with me!

Devan: Guess what I’m doing today? 1,375 more words

Madness In San Myshuno

My Friday Evening....

I am watching While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman! Gotta Love chick flicks! I love my unusual stuffed animals too! Cute Armadillo and my German Shepherd! 64 more words


Whimsical - Permission to Create

I have something a little more artsy today for you than previous posts.

I got bored one day and felt the need to create. I had a strong urge to take pictures but was uncertain about what to capture. 243 more words


Groucho the Snake

This is Groucho the Snake. (He’s a squeak toy who was made for dogs to play with, but don’t tell him that!)

He was named after Groucho Marx–has those same buggy eyes. 80 more words

Dragons & Other Fantastic Beasts

Busy times

1. Rachel is starting to want to transport her stuffed animals and toys wherever she goes. Sometimes she’ll want the teddy bear she sleeps with to go down to the living room and sometimes it’s the little crochet kitten that her Great Grandma P made her which I give her to hold during her diaper changes. 77 more words


State of the Kingdom

Greeting fellow citizens and visitors to my first ever, “State of the Kingdom” report.  While we look ahead to great things in 2017, I’d like to touch on a few things from 2016 as well. 701 more words

Ikea Dog