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Three-week photo shoot
Stretching baby curls her toes
Stuffed giraffe for scale

Handling their chewing instinct

Over the course of my childhood I  was able to create a very large collection of stuffed animals, some of them dogs. I still have a lot of them in my room, some are stored inside a bag somewhere, others hanging around wherever there is space in my room. 256 more words


Amusing Ourselves On A Stormy Day

It was a dark and stormy day about a week ago. Lightning had prompted us to turn off and unplug the TV and computers. How to amuse grandpa, grandma, and two grand-kids? 56 more words

Just Pictures

What Worked For Them

When does “Well, that’s the way my mother (grandmother) always did it become “What worked for them just doesn’t work for me!” ? Does it mean that we have to stop doing all of the things the way they did? 813 more words


Grandpa, he's just a baby!

“Grandpa, they think I’m a baby. I don’t like all these stuffed animals!”

“I can see that, Elijah. But, ya know . . .  you’re still a baby.” 132 more words


The Dog Days of Summer

I remember as a kid I would kind of dread August. First it meant that I only had one month of summer vacation left before school started (in Chicago school starts the day after Labor day). 408 more words