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My pet frog sits next to my vine. So glad he doesn’t need bugs to eat. No, just real love.

Great News! The new Gator McBumpypants adventure is now available!

You can be the first to read the new Gator McBumpypants adventure Gator McBumpypants Doesn’t Say Goodbye.

In this (the fourth) Gator McBumpypants picture book, Dee Dee invites Gator McBumpypants and Herman on a grand adventure. 293 more words

Gator McBumpypants

Old McDonald Had A Farm

Or was actually a giant stuffed panda. I’m sure that’s how the song actually goes. At least in our house.

Let me explain. We decided that we were going to need a bigger table. 868 more words


The Adventures of PJ the Bear

A good friend recently gave me a little stuffed bear, a Corduroy bear. It’s a stressful time of year for me. The end of the semester. 103 more words


Stuffed Animals: What's in a Name?

When I was in primary school (in the mid-seventies) I had an orange bulletin board in my bedroom. The board matched my yellow and orange shag carpet and orange bedspread.  660 more words


Feisty Pet Stuffed Animals Ready To Haunt Your Children

Designed by William Mark Toys and being released through ThinkGeek, the Feisty Pet Stuffed Animals make the perfect gift for the child in your life you want to terrify. 39 more words

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