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Cabbage Rolls ( Dolma )

Another traditional dish of my home country Azerbaijan is this lovely and comforting cabbage dolma dish; dolma means filling or stuffing. The cabbage leaves are stuffed with minced meat, herbs and a little bit of rice, then cooked in a stock or simply in water either with fried tomato paste or without; I prefer the tomato paste version. 572 more words


You stuffed what?! With What?!

Ever have a “Rock Star” moment? I actually had two in my last trip to the grocery store and was as giddy as a school girl when I got home because they do not happen that often (or often enough if you ask me). 1,665 more words


Stuffed cabbage rolls 

After the Eat Real Festival, I planned on wearing one of my favorite sun dresses to work. Problem? It didn’t zip up.

The struggle is real. 476 more words


Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

While they aren’t exactly appealing to the eye, they most definitely appeal to the belly.   These cabbage rolls are stuffed full of heartiness that screams fall with ground beef, black beans, mushrooms and corn.   235 more words


"Lambage Rolls" - Lamb and Cabbage

I was in the mood for stuffed Cabbage leaves filled with a very aromatic lamb concoction!

So I embarked on my little journey of flavors and started by preparing the minced lamb that I had conveniently already purchased at Target :-) 376 more words


Golubtsi - Stuffed Cabbage with Chicken and Rice

For those of you reading, this is one of our classic family recipes. My grandmother from Romania makes this usually with chunks of meat inside but for the purpose of creating something a bit healthier, I chose to go with my aunts recipe by using ground chicken. 417 more words


Saturday on ms Amsterdam July 4

Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday to my nephew Axel!

We were woken up by a knock on the door, it was breakfast, an hour early, but we had forgotten the clocks were changed. 897 more words