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It’s been a while, hey!
I’ve been pretty busy trying to juggle work, doll making and planning our wedding. All very exciting stuff but also very demanding and as usual, it’s the blog that takes the hit! 704 more words

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The adventures of Harley and Snickers

Once upon a time in a bedroom right down the hall lived two very strange little blue space bugs. Their names are Harland and Snickersnackel, better known as Harley and Snickers. 709 more words


Soft Toy Story

Lately, I was talking with the childminder who looks after Muffin 4 days a week, and she mentioned Muffin’s love of stuffed toys. As I was leaving, she saw a small stuffed bear on a side nearby, and wanted it. 252 more words

Stuffed life size cheetah not dangerous.Unlike the real

Cheetahs are the world’s fastest land animals.
Cheetah populations now are in savannas and grasslands.
And now these magnificent cats can be the most adorable toys in your child collection. 20 more words



I used to carry around a small brown teddy bear everywhere I went. I imagined that he liked traveling as much as I did. I named him… 149 more words


White stuffed bear like Coca Cola symbol since 1922

In 1922 Coke present its polar-bear mascot and in 1993, Coke introduced its first animated bear in “Northern Lights”
And now we can enjoy Coke and playing with an amazing white stuffed bear from a famous company.