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Stuffed Animals: What's in a Name?

When I was in primary school (in the mid-seventies) I had an orange bulletin board in my bedroom. The board matched my yellow and orange shag carpet and orange bedspread.  660 more words


Stuffed toys have surprisingly deep thoughts

I learned a lesson last night. Way after bedtime, one of our kids came out saying “I don’t know why, but I don’t feel well”. Now 90% of the time, I would just usher the kid back to bed, but something about her phrasing made me pause. 171 more words

Cute Cat

Hey everyone

I want to try and make a crocheted cat and wasn’t sure that I could, I am pleased with the out come but next time, i would maybe make the ears more pointy.

Hope you enjoy !


Poetry, The Normal Teddy Bear

I was sitting on

A very comfortable chair,

Looking at a very cuddly

Stuffed bear.

It shouted,” Why are you staring at me?

I’m much more than cute and cuddly. 86 more words


Big Owl

Hey everyone

I have been playing around with my owl design and thought that this bigger owl needs some wings.

what do you think ?

Hope you enjoy !



Having a boy of 6 years old comes with pros and cons. The cons include the arguing, the mess, the tantrums in the shops, something I’m sure most, if not all parents are familiar with. 479 more words


Mike Kelly

Dialogue #1 (from Theory, Garbage, Stuffed Animals, Christ) 1991

Nostalgic Depiction og the Innocence of Childhood 1990