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Free Crochet Pattern - Leif Carrot

I’m participating in an Ami-Along. It is $5.00 in order to join and get the pattern. It is the year of the dog for 2018. 643 more words

Free Patterns

2018 Project 365, Day 50: Toys!

Photo #50: February 19

I’ve been teaching this 12-yo kid for nearly 2 months now. He is always assisted by his dad, who’s also a beginner. 82 more words

Color Your World February 11-17

Here is my contribution for Jennifer’s Color Your World. See more at https://tourmalinenow.com/2018/02/11/this-weeks-challenges-february-11-17-owpc-ww-cyw/


                                                               Blue Green




                            Royal Purple

Jazzberry Jam 9 more words


Free Crochet Pattern - Anthrax

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen Clint and Lydia Chlamydia. I’ve also done an Sperm and Ovum, Adam and Eve. Those two have magnets to facilitate their attraction. 484 more words

Free Patterns

Court of Ethan: The "Berdict" Is In - Ethan's World

Daddy, you have to play court with me.


I’ll be judge. You sit on this chair.

Who am I?

You are the accuser! SIT DOWN! 373 more words


Hear Doggy Whale Toy Review

Us nerds love any sort of technological advancement or remotely scientific product. The Gear Doggy toys were really exciting because they have a squeaker that is designed so that dogs can hear it, but humans cannot. 335 more words