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Stuffed tomato, stuffed bell pepper, stuffed eggplant, ….today’s menu stuffed onion and courgette.

Stuffed onion is a typical side dish (contorno) in Tuscany : red onions stuffed with some meat, cheese and spices. 132 more words


Turkish Stuffed Eggplant

The other day I got an email from Saveur and there were 43 vegetarian recipes that celebrate Spring vegetables. Browsing through the recipes I was inspired to try 3 of them immediately, they were all so many appetizing and delicious it was hard to pick which ones to make but I decided on 3 for now.   508 more words

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Yemista (Stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and herbs)

If you have been in Greece for holidays, this is probably a dish you came across in any traditional Greek tavern. Yemista is a celebration of Greek summer, when vegetables are at their prime, every household prepares this dish. 405 more words


Roast caprese stuffed mini sweet peppers

Peppers and tomatoes from the farmers market, basil from the garden

Melting mozzarella

Every Friday morning at the farmers’ market I pause over the tubs of sweet mini peppers and inhale deeply. 577 more words


Padree Béhoshe: the Pastor Fainted.

That historic evening, with the children away at a Christian camp, the house was very quiet. 662 more words

Stuffing Vegetables

Looking for some ideas to make your veggie dishes more appealing? Try stuffing them. These recipes can serve as a main course or a side dish. 764 more words



The English translation of yemista is stuffed, and that is exactly what this recipe asks you to do.  This meal involves stuffing vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and eggplants with rice-based deliciousness, baking them for hours, and then feasting until you too, are stuffed. 1,165 more words

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