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Roast caprese stuffed mini sweet peppers

Peppers and tomatoes from the farmers market, basil from the garden

Melting mozzarella

Every Friday morning at the farmers’ market I pause over the tubs of sweet mini peppers and inhale deeply. 577 more words


Padree Béhoshe: the Pastor Fainted.

That historic evening, with the children away at a Christian camp, the house was very quiet. 662 more words

Stuffing Vegetables

Looking for some ideas to make your veggie dishes more appealing? Try stuffing them. These recipes can serve as a main course or a side dish. 764 more words



The English translation of yemista is stuffed, and that is exactly what this recipe asks you to do.  This meal involves stuffing vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and eggplants with rice-based deliciousness, baking them for hours, and then feasting until you too, are stuffed. 1,165 more words

Main Courses

Does its size really matter...

One would have to wonder about the above question as it has been debated for years and I guess it all depends on what “it” is. 736 more words

Not So Boring 'Meatfree Mondays'

Who said vegetarian meals had to be boring? The stigma associated with vegetarian food thankfully is becoming less and less especially with the evolution of ‘meat-free’ Mondays. 335 more words


Twisted Gemista (and a free greek-english lesson!)

Hello guys!

This is going to be a bilingual recipe so…you’re welcome for the free lesson!!!!

Είπα να το παίξω πιο νοικοκυρά από ποτέ σήμερα και να φτιάξω γεμιστά, παρόλο που δεν είναι και το πιο αγαπημένο μου φαγητό. 528 more words