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Pocket Pork Chops With Pecan, Sausage & Mushroom Stuffing

I love pecans in almost anything, but when I put them in this stuffing it just sent these chops to a whole new level. Making the simple pocket saves the struggle of stuffing the whole loin and is a simple solution for a quick dinner night. 241 more words

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Infinitely Addicted

I am so fat. And I am so addicted to my fat.

Today I had the day off, and I ate a big lunch at a charity benefit: steak tips, bbq chicken, potatoes, rice, salad, bread, soda. 1,892 more words

Raise Your Game - the Perfect Partners for New Season Grouse

New season grouse is now available from good butchers and marks the beginning of game season very nicely. As the grouse around this time of year is young, it is best to roast it. 603 more words


Pixel Stuffing, Ad Stacking and Billion Dollar Losses

In an article earlier in the week by SMstudy, we began with this quote from Fortune, “A massive chunk of the advertising market is based on smoke and mirrors, or even outright fraud.”[1] 611 more words

Gluten free Thanksgiving 2015 and decor ideas

Hey guys,

So this was my Thanksgiving last year and I wanted to share it with you to give you ideas for this year’s Turkey day! 1,013 more words

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Mushroom Sun-dried Tomato Stuffing

My Favourite Stuffings

This is one of my favourite stuffings for chicken. I hope it will appeal to you. 250 more words

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Stovetop Stuffing Meatloaf

Poor meatloaf always gets a bad rap but you know what? It deserves better, raise the poor little meatloaf up on a pedestal and give it the recognition it deserves! 475 more words