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it takes a bed to wake up on the wrong side.

They know each other, but don’t
know each other well enough. He tells
him that there is a place over the ridge,
where the sun hits just right, like the ridge is a vertebrae and the dun is a fingernail. 33 more words

Sew Easy Pin Cushions Two

Being an urban hen keeper I’m always on the look out for hen related items of cuteness. On my Pinterest Pin Cushion board there was a pattern to make a hen pin cushion. 389 more words


Stuffing Bread

Quick, what’s your favorite holiday?

Mine is, without a doubt, Thanksgiving.  It’s a day all about loved ones and food, what more do you need?  Stuffing.   310 more words


Fancy Seafood Feast

I had a gal’s night last weekend and decided to make a seafood feast!  On the menu: seared sea scallops, coconut shrimp and baked stuffed shrimp.   472 more words


Cheesy Stuffed Jackets


This is almost too simple to even bother posting. A regular go to recipe that is filling, cheap, easy, healthy and most importantly, really tasty. 222 more words


Crafty Craft: DIY Cloud Light

So for my birthday, my friends and I tried out this Pinterest DIY project find :)


It’s fairly simple. You hot glue a bunch of cotton stuffing on white paper lanterns, stick an LED light in the lantern, hang it up, and VOILA! 43 more words