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Far ahead in the clear

The relentless path I steer

Soaked in pain and despair

On the lonesome ride I bear

Dragged into the secluded lair

Stump bequeathed I swear


Just a wee introduction


I am a twenty two year old from good old Northern Ireland! I thought I would give documenting my journey of not only my recovery tips and tricks but also to share my ideas and feeling on the world and what is happening in modern society and how it so closely mirrors problems we were having sixty years ago. 156 more words



nice guy or ringer
a stump jumping poll swinger
shooting off zingers



This post illustrates how stumped I am! The WP Daily Prompt for yesterday, Sunday, was “Stump;” today is Monday! I fully intended to write something; God knows there was enough ideas, with it being 9/11 yesterday; the Sunday Scripture readings; the news! 73 more words

Personal Reflection


It’s another Monday, ¬†another week, and one more autumn in sight. I don’t know about you, but while I’m still grasping on to the last rays of summer, my heart can’t help but beat a little faster at the thought of autumn and all the goodies it will bring. ¬† 291 more words

climb up the stump

If I opened the door of my secret shelter
would you turn round and come in?
Would you climb up the stump
and go through my garden… 60 more words

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