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Not My Problem

It’s not my problem.  I know it’s not.  But yes, I have a problem with it.

I have a problem with the fact you say you give a shit about one of my dearest friends, but won’t do the right thing by the friend.   119 more words

This is going to be a rant with much profanity.

This shit right the fuck right here pisses me off. Do you want to pray when something terrible happens? Fine, if it gives you comfort, even though I don’t share your beliefs I absolutely understand dealing with things in whatever way you have to. 94 more words

Funny C&T Comment SPAM

Got a SPAM comment today in response to the “Suspect Denies Owning Cocaine Hidden in his Ass” post.  Goes to show you these SPAM assclowns don’t have a clue as to how obvious they are.  88 more words


Captain Wiener Busts Florida Couple For Public Sex Escapade



Matthew Rayfield and Diane Orosz were having sex Tuesday afternoon behind a vacant house in Pompano Beach, Florida. Since the rear of the property was adjacent to the… 74 more words


More Bullshit From Jan Brewer

From IrishCentral.com…

“Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona, must enjoy a good ghost story. I mean, she’s certainly good at telling them. To defend her endorsement of the anti-immigrant SB-1070 bill Brewer told the press in July that ‘law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert either buried or just lying out there that have been beheaded.'”

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