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Smile pretty, baby

Regarding: Lawmaker Tells Woman Staffer to “Smile for Us” on the Texas House Floor

“Stickland commented on how Sluyter hasn’t been smiling enough lately, and chuckled with fellow far-right Rep.

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Feeling mostly impotent, but I'll keep trying

I attended a program last night discussing the Jewish response to and responsibility toward anti-racism (presented by Bend the Arc Jewish action organization). It was awesome! 358 more words


Foodie braggarts can afford 'whimsical' meals, why not a cab?!

Late commute silent subway scream:

Ugh lawd, please save me from these rich New Brooklyn demi-hipster (business suit plus “edgy” piercings) foodie a-holes scrolling through memories of expensive meals past on their phones, complete with running vocal fry commentary: “… delicata squash rings with bone marrow, just… 142 more words

Please no piss play palaver

Look, I know this “Russian hookers golden shower show” news is funny but let’s keep eyes and ears open please. There’s lots and lots of news happening today/this week: confirmation hearings, nepotism, justice being served in SC… way too much news developing and journalists are stretched thin just to mention it all, let alone cover meaningfully. 263 more words