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Breaking News: Donald Trump Eats Poo

It’s true. I’ve seen he do it. He just grabbed a poo with his bare hands and swallowed it, without even chewing. Donald Trump is a big poo-eating dirty boy!


Black students' lives matter!! Being a teenager is not a crime!

Lots of horrible news coming at me about school/campus violence today. On the one hand, increasing mass shootings make military-style defense sound sensible. Maybe. (I’m waiting for more details out of Oregon before I comment.) 334 more words


Versailles - Aug. 7 2015

Me and a few thousand international friends thought it would be a good idea to check out Chateau de Versailles, the iconic grand palace and grounds, built by the Sun King, Louis XIV, in the late 1600s, then transformed in the early 1800s into a museum of the history of France, “à toutes les gloires de la France.” 1,437 more words


Iron Heart

I began as a thought

as a scream behind closed doors

and they called me gentle and sweet and beautiful

And then I met you… 227 more words