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Versailles - Aug. 7 2015

Me and a few thousand international friends thought it would be a good idea to check out Chateau de Versailles, the iconic grand palace and grounds, built by the Sun King, Louis XIV, in the late 1600s, then transformed in the early 1800s into a museum of the history of France, “à toutes les gloires de la France.” 1,437 more words


Iron Heart

I began as a thought

as a scream behind closed doors

and they called me gentle and sweet and beautiful

And then I met you… 227 more words


Unmistakable, inexcusable erasure (and I don't mean the awesome gay electronica duo that practically soundtracked my college years)

OK, some of my friends are big comic (and related media) fans. And I know none of you are idiot sexists. But maybe some of you may think that feminists are oversensitive to issues such as gendering toys and the representation of women in media. 187 more words


I Don’t Know Why It Irks Me…it Just Does (May 2015)

My wife and I have been married for almost twenty years, and we rarely ever agree on anything. One thing she always seems to dismiss is my ranting about things that irk me, which is why I use this blog as my pallet for irks and rants. 899 more words


Between My Teeth

Keep running, little rabbit –

It’s worked out great for you so far.

[] 14 more words


A Baloon

This is technically art. Someone told me.


Reactionary Tea Party gov in Kansas does not understand how civil rights progress works

GRRRRR.  “HER unilateral action was bad, but MINE is good!” says asshole governor, repealing his predecessor’s protections for state’s queer public employees. More proof that the Right’s actions are rooted in far baser and more hateful motivations than mere “free market” and “corporate rights”… neither this move nor his Dem predecessor’s affect private enterprise — only taxpayer-funded jobs. 81 more words