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Candidates Draw Straws for Seat After Electoral Tie in Mississippi

Turns out that in the event of an electoral tie, where equal votes are cast for both candidates – some state allow a coin toss or drawing a straw to decide the matter. 499 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks

Democrat Debate - Black Lives Matter

Key question last night…Everybody but Jim Webb got it.

Bernie hit it out of the park. Hillary at least reached the fences…

Jim Webb utterly failed.

Stupid Democrat Tricks

Cenk Uygur Gives "Awful" Annie Coulter That Operation She's Been Needing

Androgynous Annie is the right wings flame thrower. She has made a good living attacking anyone on the left with any outrageous statement she can make up… 55 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks

Congress Less Trustworthy Than Dirt

How low can they go?

A recent survey rated American’s belief in the honesty and integrity of people in a number of professions…

Congress came out next to dead last. 15 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks

Tired of Obama Caving...

Been saying this for a long time. Obama’s fixation with bringing Rethuglys on board is a failure.

President Obama

Orange Jumpsuit Politician - Jesse Jackson, Jr.

This one goes under the heading of… What was he thinking?

Jesse L. Jackson Jr. sentenced to 30 months in prison

Jesse L. Jackson Jr., the namesake of the famed civil rights leader and once-promising Illinois congressman, was sentenced to 21 / 2 years in prison Wednesday for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign money to fund an extravagant lifestyle over many years.

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Stupid Democrat Tricks


For readers not familiar with the terminology – a buckdance in black American vernacular  is a dance done by slaves for money or the approval of their white masters. 395 more words

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