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Watch A Michigan State Fan Propose To CBS' Allie LaForce On Live TV

It’s Final Four Saturday, which apparently is giving fans of the teams involved license to act like a bunch of dummies.

Earlier, there was Bill from Kentucky, the Wildcats fan… 71 more words


Crowd-funding music reveals lack of self-respect

Crowd-funding is a relatively recent form of generating revenue, employed by various actors to raise money for whatever it is that they are doing. A third party acts as liaison for the transfer of funds between producer and consumer, over a limited period of time. 359 more words

Watch This Fan Get Knocked Out After Running On The Court During A Basketball Game

There are bad ideas and there are really bad ideas. This one seems to fall under the latter. During a Turkish league basketball game between Budcnost and Banvit, a man ran on to the court to push a player and NOPE—he gets an Ultimate Warrior clothesline from behind he won’t soon forget. 10 more words


This Texas Longhorns Fan Is All About 'Core Values'

Somewhere, deep in the heart of Texas..

Hey, what do you want for Christmas?

I don’t know, a jersey maybe?


But one that’s custom made, not a generic one. 30 more words


Watch These Announcers Completely Lose It As This Football Fan Sings Into A Fake Goose

Let thee who hasn’t sung “Don’t Stop Believin” into a fake animal cast the first inanimate object. During Saturday’s Miami-Virgina game, a fan went to town on his fake goose, blasting away lyrics to Journey’s hit song. 55 more words


Please Enjoy This LSU Fan Almost Losing His Dentures During An Argument

I wish I could tell you more about this LSU fan almost losing his dentures during Saturday’s loss to Arkansas. I wish I had more than, “grandpa swears a lot, then shows us his teeth.” But alas, here we are with a simple 6 second video and nothing else to go on. 18 more words