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So I was reading a story today

I don’t care what you feminists say about it. I don’t care how you try and defend it. Stare rape is not a real thing. Heres the problem with you types you blame everyone else when you create your own problems. 366 more words


And The Best Dad Award Goes To

Someone presumed to know me…..

I was told I am too dependent on my father. You know what? Yea. I am.

I will be as god damn dependent on my father as I want to be. 372 more words

Workplace Bullsh*t

Mizz D works with a group of extremely bizarre ladies. Thank goodness D has her own private office, otherwise she’d be tearing her hair out. 442 more words

Daily Woes

New Year, Same Bitch

I was trying to think of something quippy but I am having major digestive issues and can’t be bothered with mental stimulation. I kind of fucking hate New Years. 592 more words

The Bitch Bible


So….I’ve decided to write out my thoughts. Publicly. How scary is that? I mean, why drive myself crazy with my overthinking and overly analytical thoughts? Why not see if there are other women out there who think the same way I do? 439 more words

Stupid Girls