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Not being a people-pleaser, anger management meetings, making things idiot-proof

I’m sick and tired of being a “people pleaser.” Now I’m a “me pleaser.” I’m going to do what I want to do, and what makes me happy. 37 more words


Commas and periods! / Caveman talk! / An idiot's impact / Be more pacific!

Julie sent me this! Comma: “Let’s slow down for a second here.” Period: “We better just stop right now.”

Wesley sent me this CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS comic! 108 more words


Being a positive person, people begging you to slap them, never being an adult

I’m a positive person. I’m absolutely positive that I will have to deal with stupid people.

It’s like some people BEG you to SLAP them. … 14 more words


Not giving a shit about football season, Anglo-EU translation guide, trombonists

This is me not giving a shit about football season!

Anglo-EU Translation Guide!

From Sheet Music Plus: A trombonists meme!


Leo-Leo and his knitted sweaters!

The MOTHER 3 party meets this douchebag on the Highway in Chapter 5. “I’m Leo-Leo. I’m one bad dude. I brought all these presents here ’cause girls everywhere are tryin’ to make me fall for ’em. 222 more words


Stupid People Have Stupid Ideas - Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site

Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site

Sometimes you come across people who have the stupid gene hardwired into their DNA who supported by the normal cycle of evolution and propped up by our out of sync modern world with modern convenience lifestyle still survive. 393 more words


FEMALING IS NOT A WORD, PEOPLE! / "Feeling" is NOT "feel"! / Dwyane is not a typo?!

“Femaling” is not a word to my brain – it looks like it should be a drug or hormone! (it’s “female-ing” – I’d have understood had the Reddit person put “girling is so hard,” even though “girling” is not a word, either!) People who use “shark week” to refer to their period are immature and wrong, and so are people who use “feel” to mean “feeling”! 48 more words