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The COGNITIVE DISSONANCE title screen, Colonel Saturn, an iron lunch bag

According to some Reddit idiot, I must be bigoted against mental illness because I refuse to date someone with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD. Definitely not. 108 more words


Not being a people-pleaser, anger management meetings, making things idiot-proof

I’m sick and tired of being a “people pleaser.” Now I’m a “me pleaser.” I’m going to do what I want to do, and what makes me happy. 37 more words


Commas and periods! / Caveman talk! / An idiot's impact / Be more pacific!

Julie sent me this! Comma: “Let’s slow down for a second here.” Period: “We better just stop right now.”

Wesley sent me this CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS comic! 108 more words


Being a positive person, people begging you to slap them, never being an adult

I’m a positive person. I’m absolutely positive that I will have to deal with stupid people.

It’s like some people BEG you to SLAP them. … 14 more words


Not giving a shit about football season, Anglo-EU translation guide, trombonists

This is me not giving a shit about football season!

Anglo-EU Translation Guide!

From Sheet Music Plus: A trombonists meme!