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Stupid People Have Stupid Ideas - Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site

Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site

Sometimes you come across people who have the stupid gene hardwired into their DNA who supported by the normal cycle of evolution and propped up by our out of sync modern world with modern convenience lifestyle still survive. 393 more words


FEMALING IS NOT A WORD, PEOPLE! / "Feeling" is NOT "feel"! / Dwyane is not a typo?!

“Femaling” is not a word to my brain – it looks like it should be a drug or hormone! (it’s “female-ing” – I’d have understood had the Reddit person put “girling is so hard,” even though “girling” is not a word, either!) People who use “shark week” to refer to their period are immature and wrong, and so are people who use “feel” to mean “feeling”! 48 more words


Burn Motherfucker BURN!

I have no desire in

playing this twisted game with


I don’t need the validation

so much that

this is something I will

do… 59 more words

Stupid annoying phone calls! / Gnocchi, Ling Ling dumplings, ignoring his threats

I was very annoyed when Mike tried calling me this afternoon when I’d already said I was leaving at some point. If he thinks he doesn’t appreciate my not answering the phone, *I* don’t appreciate people trying to call me when I’m in the zone! 202 more words

Phone Calls

Eric offering me a ride, unreliable Mike NOT coming over at some point today, Kempy, idiots

Eric M. called me at 10:15 last night to ask whether I was going to Dylan and Deb’s for small group. After telling the Youtube FINAL FANTASY X-2 HD REMASTERED video to PAUSE WHEN I WANTED IT TO, I said yes. 136 more words

Eric M.

Stupid comments about banning! / What's Your Midnight Snack Personality?

I got a comment reply from an old ONTD reply yesterday saying “hahahaha you’re banned now!” What is with some people. I don’t care anymore, really, but SERIOUSLY?! 102 more words


Comforters, socks, a control top (WTF?), Dozi giving up rap and Facebook, color motivation

I finally felt like I had to unzip the heavy Tracker suitcase, and go through the garbage bag and Invicta bag: two pillows with blue pillowcases (useful), lots of washcloths / handtowels, two Hello Kitty cushions (useless!), nine pairs of (Ardene / Secret) socks (the wrapped new darker ones will be useful), Listerine Total Care Zero mouthwash (expires in March), a Secret control top (WTF?!), Secret nude tights / pantyhose, two comforters (useful), Roots fanny pack, a bunch of tops and pants which aren’t my style (like a thick white cotton pair of pants with Velcro, or a pair of thin blue pants with decorative buttons and NO pockets?!), a blue neck pillow, flowery shorts, another StormTech shirt (maybe this is the one which she thinks I’ll magically know is for Mike?), and a yellow Liz Claiborne shirt. 159 more words