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Stupid Is Lovable

One does not have to be smart in order to be lovable.   In fact, I think, based on my years as a teacher and reputed smart person, being smart is actually a handicap to being loved by others.   731 more words


Stupid is as Stupid Does

We all do stupid things. Some of us more than others. Dumb stuff happens for a multitude of different reasons. Many of my outstanding blunders are connected to my disabilities. 1,451 more words


OUTRAGEOUS: Sarasota Homeless Druggie Ashley Cosh Attacks and Beats Single Mother Getting Ready to Go to Work on Her Own Front Porch This Morn and Tries to Steal Her I-Phone.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

               ‘Stupid Is As Stupid Does’

OUTRAGEOUS: Sarasota Homeless Druggie Ashley Cosh, DOB 6/15/1984, attacks and beats single mother getting ready to go to work on her own front porch at 6:30 am this morn and tries to steal the victims I-Phone. 376 more words

Sarasota Drug Dealers

An NCAA Executive Weighs In On Amateur Athletes, Says They're Not 'Adults'

NCAA's Oliver Luck on why there's an open market for coaches pay and not athletes: Coaches are adults.

— Michael Casagrande (@ByCasagrande) December 10, 2015…

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A minor writers tiff

Whomever has a hardon for the title “A Blog about me”, rest easy, the post is trash now. I’m not sure what the problem is or was but you got it, it’s all yours, ya dope.

Invisible Illness

Well at least I didn't fall asleep crying last night.....

The events of last night may not have been ideal, but at least I didn’t cry myself asleep this time.

On the other hand, seeing my idiot ex when he came to pick up my oldest two for their weekend visit probably raised my blood pressure a few points. 703 more words