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Aaron, You Shoulda Listened to Tim

Aaron Hernandez has been found guilty by a jury of his non-gansta peers and it seemed to come as a surprise to no one except Hernandez himself. 138 more words


"I’m a Victim So I Can Do Anything I Want Today"

There are some that try to explain their current actions and bad behavior on what happened in the past.  It’s called a victim mentality.

They will even go so far as to blaspheme icons of faith to justify and rationalize the disgusting things they do today. 148 more words

Be Smarter

Six Days in Low Carb Hell

If a little bit is good, a lot must be better.  That’s nearly always been my theory.  This time, I learned the hard way that my theory is not always right.   551 more words

Skinny Fiber

Stupid Is, As Stupid Does

Brent Henry of East Butler, Pennsylvania broke into a home on Saturday.  Keep in mind that Brent’s not a kid-he’s 41 years old.  His method of breaking into the home’s garage was the classic credit card technique, where you slide the card into the door crack to jimmy the lock. 60 more words


Just when I was starting to forget EA's last stupid move

Apparently Battlefield Hardline carries a new kind of DRM that checks whether you’ve changed hardware signature more than a couple of times and blocks activation of the game. 31 more words


Watch Colin Cowherd Say He Loves Oregon Because Of All The 'Wonderful People, Mostly White'

ESPN blowhard Colin Cowherd was at it again Friday, saying completely ridiculous things on his radio show, The Herd. In a discussion about what states were best (hard hitting radio), Cowherd’s produced weighed in saying Oregon was a 14 seed. 63 more words


#117 Stop Turning Society into Mush

(Readers: The blog centers around the author’s prediction that the US will experience a 5th revolution by 2020-2025.  Some early vignettes precede the revolution; later vignettes follow the revolution.   698 more words

Societal Issues