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Condoms at Scout Jamboree

Boy Scouts Make Another Change: Condoms at Scout Jamboree

What have the Boy Scouts become? First girls and openly gay men, now leaders in the organization have decided that condoms are necessary at a “number of locations” for staff and participants at their 24th World Scout Jamboree this summer. 305 more words


Chicago Fed to Raise property taxes to fund pension liability.

Three economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago say the fairest way to retire the state’s gigantic pension liability in ten years to raise residential property taxes statewide. 144 more words


Meanwhile, in modern Britain

A police woman is sexually assaulted and her partner beaten with a sign as they arrested a rape suspect, but, hey, it’s nothing that doesn’t routinely happen to policeMEN when they go to arrest someone who’s gotten a bit carried away…sexually we mean. 24 more words

Triggering Material

#287 Who Took Out the Donald...Mama Bear?

Readers: this blog is set in the future (sometime after the year 2020). Each entry assumes there has been a 5th revolution in the US — the Revenge Revolution. 994 more words

Causes Of The Revolution

Donald Trump: Incorrigibible Dimwit

(reprinted from 3/9/2018 edition of the Chicago Tribune)

Donald Trump’s biggest flaw: He’s not that bright

Steve Chapman


Donald Trump has many serious flaws, including incorrigible dishonesty, rampant narcissism, contempt for women and a fashion sense that makes him think that hairstyle of his is flattering. 761 more words

Anti-bullying video hurts principal's feelings

Teen suspended from high school after her anti-bullying video hurts principal’s feelings

A Whimpering snowflakes Principal Scott Walters of Lebanon High School in Tennessee gave a two-day in-school suspension for her “anti-bully” video entitled “Welcome to Lebanon High School,” posted Jan. 287 more words