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Bethe Correia Wants A Rematch With Ronda Rousey Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

You remember Bethe Correia, right? Mixed martial artist from Brazil, competes in the bantamweight division, runs her mouth a lot. Anyway, at UFC 190, Correia got her butt handed to her by… 570 more words


Pretty Happy

This was written for the August 12 issue of my hometown paper, The Prospect-News.

Pretty Happy

All kiddos hear variations of ‘pretty is as pretty does’ growing up. 210 more words

Stupid Is...

I don’t pretend to know the first thing about criminals or their activities. It’s been 12 years since I’ve even had a speeding ticket.

But it seems to me that lately, the quality of criminals is on the way downhill. 104 more words


Stupid Is...

30-year-old Octavio Delasuaree was driving in Wayne, New Jersey last week, when he decided to exit the highway at the last minute, and in doing so, he cut off a bunch of drivers…including a police officer. 156 more words


Stupidity revisited (mine)

My mental state often leads me to making poor financial decisions. I have finally adapted to a fixed income at least as far as regular monthly expenses. 253 more words

Invisible Illness

This Might Be The World's Most Oblivious (And Worst) Driver

Hey, watch out for that big, bad fire truck steaming down the road.
Which one?
The one right behind you.
The one that’s literally on your bumper right now. 30 more words


Timing Is Everything

Didn’t have a chance to laugh about dumb criminals today, because with ‘Senseless Survey’ on Mondays and Fridays, we don’t have time for ‘Stupid Is, as Stupid Does,’ 107 more words