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Could it be a ray of hope(lessness)?

In a never-before-seen turn of events in the United Kingdom Caliphate a modern-era Einstein sat down, did the math and found a striking correlation between the: 236 more words

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Sometimes, life hands you more than lemons

This is possibly the highest quantity of nigger-ness a photo can contain. We can’t even…

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An intimate look at mental retardation

In another vain attempt at re-writing the laws of biology and imposing the unnatural, abhorrent and vile rules of queer philosophy- two carpet munchers have taken to simultaneously breastfeeding their daughter born via donor sperm (remember, that ONE thing women can’t produce on their own despite feminist claims that women don’t need men in any way *eye roll*). 76 more words

Democracy In Action

Screwed up Priorities

3,000 thousand Muslim women and their supporters handlers protested in Vienna against Austria’s face-veil ban, claiming the sheet they wear is a sign of ‘self-empowerment’. Good one, ladies. 75 more words

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When you self-diagnose #dontdothisathomekids

I’m an old fart. I gots me some troubles, I does.

Aches ‘n pains ‘n miseries.

What I didn’t have were red spots appearing like ghost spasms on my finger tips, first the middle finger on the left hand, then the index finger on the right. 888 more words

Medical Stuff

Trump's comments for Black History Month: My junior high school teachers would never have allowed this

Thanks to my friend and teacher Rabbi Elka Abrahamson for posting this incredibly embarassing record of Trump’s comments for Black History Month. I’m tempted to encourage readers of my posts to share this with people who voted for Trump in the hope they’ll get some inkling of what an inappropriate, intellectually limited, immature person he really is. 955 more words

#234 The Bet: How Long before Trump Leaves Office?

First-time readers, the dialogue in this blog is set in the future (sometime after the year 2020).  Each entry assumes there has been a 5th revolution in the US — the Revenge Revolution.  1,009 more words

Causes Of The Revolution