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Breaking: Drinking Wine On The Taxpayers' Dime...

The taxpayer was walking down the street. In pulling a phone out of his pocket, a dime fell to the sidewalk and rolled to the curb. 35 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"

Why Are Delaware's Republicans Silent On Trump's Attacks?

The following as of this time, are Republicans running in the state of Delaware who have not repudiated Trump publicly….. It is their right not to do so, but even more, it our right to completely dismiss them and vote for their opponent because they lack moral character.   469 more words

Questions Being Asked By No One: The Real American Tragedy

It is rather interesting that in our spirited Republican campaign we get very little substance.  Despite the discussion that Fox would outdo CNBC, most of what was asked of candidates simply didn’t concern me…  I speak for the silent America. 446 more words