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Questions Being Asked By No One: The Real American Tragedy

It is rather interesting that in our spirited Republican campaign we get very little substance.  Despite the discussion that Fox would outdo CNBC, most of what was asked of candidates simply didn’t concern me…  I speak for the silent America. 446 more words


Just A Couple Of Thoughts On Today: Where We Are.....

We are opting out of state mandated tests.

We are served up a spectacle of Presidential debaters living in bubbles saying nothing of substance.

Our media ignores the one person who is mouthing things of substance; basically the problems 99% of us face in balancing our paycheck against our expenses…. 279 more words


BRRRR It's Cold Tonight, Guess That Makes Global Warming A HOAX...

You know it is bad when you are tracking on the bottom of the standard deviation….  Every single year…

Like a strained marriage there comes a time, a moment, when there is no going back… Earth files for a divorce. 57 more words

"My City Was Gone"

Boycott The State of Indiana

Here is a list of companies headquartered in Indiana.... Look over it (takes less than 90 seconds) and see which ones would affect you at all and then proceed to go into “boycott” mode and post something on their social media about your boycott….. 98 more words

"Its The Economy

Stupid shouts... A lot

“Stupid is as stupid does”… So how ’bout you not involve yourself in the “does” part of that. Huh?

Pretty please? Tell me you understand. 307 more words


Last Monday, i bought gas for $1.85… Today, that same place sold it to me at $2.15….. Holy Crappo!… I’m paying 20 cents more for gas than I did a week ago…. 232 more words

"clean" Remark


I really didn’t know that much about them.  So I looked them up.

Did you know that one has to go back as far as James Garfield to find a Commander in Chief who has used less vetoes? 260 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"