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How to communicate with your toddler (or "The Diaper Incident")

It’s always an exciting time when your precious toddler moves from the pre-verbal stage to the almost-verbal stage. You know, when they’re just talking up a storm but in a dialect and a language that you don’t quite understand because it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the entire universe. 344 more words


Glad He Cleared That Up

I have been taking Bird to daycare so Mr. G can go to work at the ungodly hour of too early to be awake. I don’t even try to understand why he chooses to waste perfectly good sleeping time anymore. 151 more words


The Other Side...


Steve Noviello

This message sent to me re: situation in McKinney.

Michael Cory Quattrin
Facebook friends and family – PLEASE HELP! That (now viral) video of the officer in McKinney subduing a girl in a bathing suit was in OUR neighborhood. 502 more words


Unruly Teens

Disgusting One Sided Article

The article above disgusts me to the point that my blood boils. We see a video of a cop, throwing a “poor 15 year old girl” to the ground and eventually pulling a gun on others. 594 more words


Child Raising

Wait, what? Who on Earth says that we hold children to a higher standard regarding their behavior than we hold ourselves? Last time I checked I was pretty sure that I am the one responsible for teaching my child how to handle his emotions. 425 more words