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I cannot even begin to explain what is wrong with this picture. I will try, however sometimes the sheer stupidity of some things drives me to ramble. 290 more words


Babies & Hot Cars

“Distraught” Mom

The number of news stories I see or read daily about so-called parents leaving their babies in cars in the heat makes me want to vomit. 296 more words


Answer the f@#$ing question!!!

The Internet is full of forums, chat rooms, groups, etc. Millions of questions are asked on these every day. I see this a lot (which, by the way is TWO words…not alot!!)- people ask a question and most of the people answer what was asked.   763 more words

My Not So Popular Opinions

Generation "What the #@-*"

Entitled Bratism Strikes JCP

Although I am quite sure “bratism” is not a real word in the dictionary, I do believe it should be considering the amount of entitled, snotty brats that parents are producing these days. 377 more words


How to communicate with your toddler (or "The Diaper Incident")

It’s always an exciting time when your precious toddler moves from the pre-verbal stage to the almost-verbal stage. You know, when they’re just talking up a storm but in a dialect and a language that you don’t quite understand because it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the entire universe. 344 more words


Glad He Cleared That Up

I have been taking Bird to daycare so Mr. G can go to work at the ungodly hour of too early to be awake. I don’t even try to understand why he chooses to waste perfectly good sleeping time anymore. 151 more words


The Other Side...


Steve Noviello

This message sent to me re: situation in McKinney.

Michael Cory Quattrin
Facebook friends and family – PLEASE HELP! That (now viral) video of the officer in McKinney subduing a girl in a bathing suit was in OUR neighborhood. 502 more words