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Stoopidly Transmitted Disease

There’s this new story in the New York Times, which crucifies Facebook:

Delay, Deny, Deflect

So… the thing I never hear anyone talking about, is taking responsibility. 163 more words

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I am just going to vent today about my job. I am a fairly easy person to get along with. I keep to myself most of the time, do my work, show up on time…all the things a good employee should do. 1,266 more words


Kwazy Town "It's our Prezy Poo" (Midterm Edition)

Disclaimer:  If your a died hard supporter of the Prez ,this is “Fake News” so continue at your own risk! 154 more words


Some last minute red meat racism for the base

Midterm Madness courtesy of The Prez!

“Pre-Fab Manufactured Fear”

Any day now, the Prez is going to send over FIVE THOUSAND TROOPS to protect our borders from thousands of menacing Latinos who are several hundred miles away. 306 more words


Partisan Frenzy Rules Washington; Does it Have to Rule the Rest of America?

To connect across difference is the only thing that will save us from rule by the privileged few.

by Lynn Parramore Institute for New Economic Thinking Oct 22, 2018… 1,940 more words

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