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STAND BACK her Va-jay,jay is loaded!

You’ve seen this a few hundred times on Cops and Live P.D.   A couple was pulled over for speeding in a small town. Chenoa, Illinois. 171 more words


Burned Out on Stupid and Rude People

Haven’t written much because I really haven’t been up to it the last few days.  Between seeing the family, my having major maintenance being done on my apartment, dealing with the hot weather, and now entering my traditionally tough time of year, I haven’t been motivated to do much of anything.   473 more words

Mental Illness

The friend to our enemies

This administration is giddy for murderous dictators, separates children from their parents and puts them in cages and contains the most corrupt feckless runts that we’ve seen in generations. 27 more words


The performance review

Or, as Paul Krugman says:

To understand the G7 disaster, you need both to acknowledge that Putin has something on Trump — what, exactly, we may never know — and that Trump's advisers have very, very bad ideas.

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Retail Life Episode 5


I’m all for saving money, but some of these people take it to a ridiculous extreme. Sure, it’s cool when you can get some things for free with coupons and sales and all that. 809 more words


Spanky likes pardoning boxers

In order to divert attention from all of is other illegal activities, Spanky McPornfucker has gone on a binge handing out pardons. If you’re a corrupt Republican… 158 more words