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My brain isn't in a happy place, either

Chris Cristie bends over hand hands the korrupt krimson klown a jar of Vasoline (according to the Rude Pundit):

In his upcoming book, I’m Finished…

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Why Can't Humans Hibernate & Other Things I Need Answers To.

It’s January. I don’t know any self-respecting person who actually likes the month of January. It’s a pure let down. Christmas is gone, New Year’s resolutions are already broken by the first week of January and it’s probably cold and raining. 373 more words


3 Things STUPID PEOPLE Say In Disputes

I’ve noticed in society, when people are in a dispute they don’t have the correct mindset going into it. A lot of the time, they already have their ego ready to win the battle via embarassing the opposition, instead of truly trying to understand where the other is coming from. 678 more words


January Pains

Today is Tuesday 1/8/2019. Most of you know that but I need the reminder. My sense of time and date has been off since Christmas. My patience has been off for two or three days now. 371 more words


President Trumps last pitch for Wall, or Fence or Poster

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was smacked down by Fox News, Chris Matthews on Sunday.

After a humiliating blow to Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnell is giving the Prez a big FU!    580 more words


Don't blame Democrats

When Republicans point the finger on the shutdown, just run this over and over again. The government is closed because a petulant 3 year old was made leader of the free world by an idiot nation.


Let's sum up the past week

From the Washington Post:

One by one, seasoned advisers seen as bulwarks against his most reckless impulses have been cast aside or resigned. The result?

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