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To the dude who sent me unsolicited non-con erotica

I’d followed your for weeks. Leanrd your patterns. So that night in the parking garage, when I slipped a flouride soaked rag over your mouth, was a long time coming.

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STUPID BOY! (Captain Mainwaring, Dad’s Army)

It is reported that Jeremy Corbyn allegedly called the Prime Minister a ‘stupid woman’ in the Commons chamber. He denies it and says he said ‘stupid people’ but lip reading, even by the inexpert, appears to show the former rather than the latter. 243 more words


A message from the future to nice guys everywhere

I enjoy Quora. It’s a great place for know-it-alls to get validation from internet strangers, so clearly, that strikes a chord with me. I answer a lot of questions there and for some reason, I’m marked as a WW2 expert. 1,370 more words


idk my internet crashed while I was replying to an ask and then it was gone, but to the idiot who tried to tell me that Mick wasn’t making a disgusted expression, he was just ‘surprised because he didn’t know Constantine was bi’   118 more words

I get applauded for my stupidity

So as part of the Green trails fellowship ( https://thedelhigirlexplores.wordpress.com/2018/12/01/summer-after-graduation/ )

One of my responsibilities was to brief the trekkers about the initiative and what we expect them to do on the trail. 221 more words








Yes, this is real.

Not to sound fucking alarmist, but uhhhhhh if…

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