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Fifty Years From Now . . .

I’ll be dead and my children well be 85 and 89  My oldest grand kid will be 68. It feels strange looking at life like that, but my mom is 82 right now. 785 more words

Rants And Raves

Thank Goodness The Election is a Year Away!

Wanna find a new drug? All you have to do to get your fix is watch a GOP debate.  But reading through the content of the recent GOP debate, it gives you time to think about what was said and words don’t just fly by, I realized it is a very good thing the election is a year away, and if by chance the unthinkable happens and one of these buffoons gets elected (scary thought – although Hillary is just as scary) we at least don’t have to worry about one of them doing something stupid today. 235 more words

Evil In The World

Uncle Ben's converted pyramid scheme

As a pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson became famous for operating on little brains.  As a politician he maintains that distinction.


"Rumsfeld fallacy" haunts Clinton again

Just as was done with the Iraq war, the absence of incriminating evidence regarding either Benghazi or her emails is being spun as “we know Clinton broke the law, and the difficulty of proving it just shows how fiendishly secretive and clever she is.” 635 more words


Women in the Workplace

For a long time, I’ve kept my head in the sand about women in the workplace. Personally, I had never really experienced sexism in the workplace and frankly, I figured most women really did get paid fairly and equally compared to their male counterparts. 318 more words



Let me see if I got this straight: Hong Kong is paralyzed with protesters in the streets because of what?   The people get to vote on their government officials, but the only candidates on the ballot have to be pre-approved by the ruling elite. 11 more words

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