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Teachers are allowed to be in a crappy mood (as long as you don't show it).

I was the ultimate incredible sulk today, and students always put some extra effort into being annoying on days like this.

Every time a student put up his/her hand to ask a (non relevant) question, I heard the lyrics of “Sam’s town” from The Killers: 26 more words


Little stupid conversation

– What are these? – asks a security woman pointing her finger at our new breakfast item.

– Potato cones – replies Chef P.

– What are they made of?? 7 more words


Curiosity Killed...

Don’t kill the curious for their inquiry.

Ask A Stupid Question

 My famous duct taped refrigerator, that won’t stay closed.  The inside of my fridge, that won’t stay closed, but I did open it to take the photo of the food.   229 more words


Asking the Obvious Question

I’m now about to finish my first year as a PhD student. Along the way I’ve done a lot of physics! Some of the concepts are very hard. 316 more words


Why I think the question “Do you think celebrity X and celebrity Y make a good couple?” is stupid


I had planned on writing something entirely different today, but then I stumbled across this one post and I feel like I need to address this (that is I want to talk about it with you guys). 405 more words

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