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Do Reviews Matter?

Everytime a movie comes out there will be someone who has something to say about it.
Some reviewer, some blogger, somewhere is going on about how the movie is really good, or really bad. 560 more words

Stupid Question

Would Shakespeare Make Films If He Was Around Today?

Would William Shakespeare not be a playwright if he was around today?
Would he be interested in movies rather than plays?
Afterall, movies were not around during his time. 839 more words


Is Shooter McGavin The Good Guy?

In Happy Gilmore we are led to believe that Happy is a good guy.
That he is some sort of character that we should be able to get behind and root for. 1,001 more words

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What Is The Difference Between The Movies And Television?

Have you ever noticed how similar movies and television shows are?
Well, I did.
And the other day I was asking myself the question.
“What is the difference between a movie and a television show?” 353 more words

Stupid Question

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Is Batman A Medical Doctor Or Not?

I watched the Dark Knight Rises recently on TV and I couldn’t help but notice how Batman needed to see a doctor.
And not just that, but that he seemed shocked to learn that his body was in awful shape. 385 more words

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