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Is Ferris Bueller An Imaginary Character?

Ah, yes.
Ferris Bueller.
The 80’s comedy about a slick student’s successful attempt at skipping school.
We all love this movie, not for it’s practical use, but because of how absurd it is. 777 more words

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Why Do I Always Have To Pee After A Movie?

Am I the only one that has to go to the bathroom everytime after a movie?
How does my bladder know that the movie is over? 314 more words

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What's A Classic Movie Now?

Movies have been around long enough that we are no longer calling movies that were made before any of us were born classic.
Traditionally the classics were considered movies like Citizen Kane or Casablanca. 637 more words

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Is Dr. Seuss A Sellout?

Is Dr. Seuss a sellout?
Oh boy, I almost feel as if I am breaking some writing code of conduct for even asking such a thing. 750 more words

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If Life Is A Video Game...

This post has nothing to do with movies, but it relates to my previous post, “So The Matrix Is Real?”
Click here to read it. 632 more words

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Does Tim Burton Even Try Anymore?

What the hell happened to Tim Burton?
He used to be so cool.
So hip.
He was what every weird goth nerd wanted to be. 489 more words

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