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Since I was younger (kindergarten young) I never knew what I actually wanted to become when I grew up. So every time someone asked the very boring and typical question “What do you you want to be when you grow up?” my response was the same as every other child, a doctor, teacher, astronaut, pilot but I knew that this is just a typical response for my age. 107 more words

Oh Boy is it time already? Is my time up? Does that mean last year was the last year on this wonderful, crazy planet or does it mean this year is the last year of my life?

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Daily Prompt

Teachers are allowed to be in a crappy mood (as long as you don't show it).

I was the ultimate incredible sulk today, and students always put some extra effort into being annoying on days like this.

Every time a student put up his/her hand to ask a (non relevant) question, I heard the lyrics of “Sam’s town” from The Killers: 26 more words


Little stupid conversation

– What are these? – asks a security woman pointing her finger at our new breakfast item.

– Potato cones – replies Chef P.

– What are they made of?? 7 more words


Curiosity Killed...

Don’t kill the curious for their inquiry.