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The Evolution of a Room

The building in which I work was built in 2004. Actually, it was a gymnasium built during the New Deal and was remodeled into an academic building in 2004. 621 more words

Rambling Ruminations


“I’m right here! Why do you keep holding onto that faded memory?!”

Standing in her room, he shouts. Across the room, she is standing there, shivering. 112 more words

Stupid Stuff


Maybe I would enjoy a new story, a new restart, somehow, like an alternative universe to my twisted world, a reality built on lies

In a universe where things have not gotten this bad…where everything changes… 12 more words

Stupid Stuff

Short hair = lesbian?

So, I got a haircut today.

Nothing big, just a little shorter than usual. Like just around my shoulders. It was the first time I ever got my hair cut other than just the dry ends, so I was very excited. 316 more words

Stupid Stuff

Silly Me

I failed to report a recent malfunction of my brain cavity … after I got the old ’68 truck working we loaded it up with all manner of things we no longer need and no one else wants. 119 more words

Yard Work

Steve Harvey and Me

A few months ago, Steve Harvey made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. As host of the Miss Universe pageant, it was his job to announce the winner, and he announced the wrong person. 398 more words

Rambling Ruminations

It's that I have lost a loved one in my head alone...

There was a great way to get the chance,
For a long way to the game and the rest.

I don’t think that I have a great way, 217 more words