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The Yard Dog Award - The Destruction of Steve's

I noticed a message about an intramural tournament on our campus marquee, and it brought to mind an intramural tournament during my college days. It also made me realize that the experience from long ago deserved the  622 more words

Rambling Ruminations

"What you want to be when you grow up" and cats stuff

As Easter tradition beholds, last weekend I visited my godmother, who has already two children – a 6 year-old boy a 6 month baby. I am not good with children or with babies. 418 more words


A Shameless Plug For Chevrolet

At this time in space, 1225 pm, we are nearing Sacramento, home to one of the lovely California Kathies, one our way to join fellow divers on I-5 North. 872 more words


Too much keen Observations

Many of you might have heard the proverb, “A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” made famous by Winston Churchill. Well, that has nothing to do with this. 540 more words

In An Effort To Be Fair

I’VE BEEN CATCHING SOME FLAK about a recent posting where I spoke about the hairstyle of the female baristas at St. Arbucks. I can handle the flak – I’m used to it. 448 more words




You know those times when you do a stupid thing and try to play it off, but then it keeps popping into your mind all throughout the rest of the day, and you respond with sudden outbursts of cursing or banging your head on a thing, and that voice in your head is all like, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???” 154 more words

What, Me Worry?


I RECEIVED AN EMAIL TODAY informing me that there are new things for me to worry about. My response to them was, “Bite me.”

Not only do I… 599 more words