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This is Easy?

Lets see how easy Blog posting really is.

I have big plans for this.  I might even be famous when it is all done.



And The Award Goes To...

I WAS JUST RANDOMLY TIPTOEING through the Internet the other day when I came across a news item that made me stop.

Police say a 55-year-old southwestern Michigan woman who died after accidentally shooting herself in the head in January was adjusting a handgun in her bra holster at the time.” 561 more words


Some days stupidity reigns.

A week or so ago, I was talking about work dynamics and office politics and policies with a friend, and found myself saying, “There’s at least a little bit of Stupid everywhere. 832 more words


Goin' To The Chapel - Not

INFORMATION HAS REACHED these tender ears that the engagement of Charles Manson and Afton Elaine Burton aka “Star” has been called off. The bride is distraught and the groom has stormed back to the far corner of his cell to be alone. 303 more words


It Didn't Hurt At All

FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS I’ve been putting off getting a haircut. It had gotten to the point that, no matter what I did, my hair was looking like I had stuck my toe into a wall socket or I had inadvertently seen Lady Gaga up close and personal – and mistaken her for Tony Bennett. 622 more words


Okay, let’s see now. I get a movie to review on the site the other day and post two videos also sent by the PR folks who sent the screener on my YouTube channel. 291 more words