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LovinGames's Art Collection!

Today, I have LovinGames with me.

I taught her some stuff that she could use to draw.

This is a dog:

This is a unicorn: 28 more words

Stupid Stuff.

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A couple of years ago I created this blog to write about things that matter to me, with the hope that some of those things might matter to some other people too. 216 more words

Ziegfeld Fall-ies: "Progress!": Or Why We Can't Have (and Keep) Nice Things

So, the famed Ziegfeld Theater is closing soon. Hearing this news earlier did not make my day go any better, folks.

Let’s see now: closing the only remaining theater in NYC with a 70mm screen? 281 more words


If I Had a Hammer (I'd Hit Myself On the Head) Redux

Feh. This past week or so has been a bit too insane partially thanks to more apartment repairs disrupting the daily routine. I didn’t sleep at all Monday night thanks to moving stuff around the apartment (and writing up a game review), so I was passed out by noon Tuesday… 510 more words


Be left

Our relationship is something that technically doesn’t exist. There is no name of it, nor any hint directly supports the idea such a relationship exists. Hence, there’s no solid evidence that one day, you will not left me behind. 269 more words

Stupid Stuff


“Am I a mean person?”

Have you ever asked yourself that? Maybe you have done (or said) something you thought were ok but everyone around you seem like it really wasn’t ok. 540 more words

About Me

Awkward situations

Hey everyone

If you know me, you know that I’m a very awkward person, and through out the years of being awkward I’ve learned (kind of) how to (at least try to) survive some awkward situations. 450 more words

Stupid Stuff