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My memories of myself is fading away right inside my mind

The moment that my existence disappear within me, is when I will be free…will I not? 16 more words

Stupid Stuff


Looking at people around changing makes me feel really sad.
Well I’m changing too. Then why am I feeling this way?

I keep wondering, until one day, I find out… 62 more words

Stupid Stuff


Mister Torgue in Borderlands 2 wasn’t afraid to ask this important question. ¬†Things exploding in games are very important to me, so without further ado, here is a screenshot gallery of me exploding the Commonwealth. ¬† 7 more words

Stupid Stuff Jesus Says

When a young man in our church was killed in Iraq while serving as a Marine I had the honor of participating in his memorial service. 511 more words

Fallout 4, why you akkin' so cray cray.

Ok, so I didnt take off much time at all after the savegame debacle, yes I know I’m weak. So I started up rebuilding and because this time I knew where stuff was and there was no learning curve, the actual city building didnt take long at all. 235 more words

I hate Nadeko Sengoku.

Because I’m just like her.

For the past 2 years since its airing, I’ve probably started writing a post on the Monogatari Second Series arcs of “Nadeko Medusa” and “Hitagi End” about 6 different times. 241 more words


FedEx Gets To Be The Bad Guy... And Almost Succeeds

Yikes. I think FedEx hates me. Or at least stuff they need to deliver safely. Anyway, that’s the box I got from a few days back above, so I guess someone at the company is still mad at me for yelling at a driver who tried to deliver a box of stuff a few weeks back after 10pm on a Friday with not so much as a courteous phone call beforehand to say a VERY after hours delivery was coming. 140 more words