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The Problem With Gas Pumps - Revisited

In the early days of this blog, I wrote a post about gas pumps and how they think humans are stupid. Now that I think about it, I may have started this blog specifically to write that post. 324 more words

Rambling Ruminations

The Old Truck, Panzie, Bamboo, & Fire

Yesterday I tempted fate by driving the old, brakeless truck to visit Justin to see if he can fix what’s wrong. He’s a friend of Lydia’s and is a pretty good mechanic. 584 more words


Too Many Crockpots?

How many of you are afraid to turn on a slowcooker or crockpot and leave the house? I was always afraid the crockpot might burn my house to the ground while I was at work because stuff happens to me. 399 more words

Tickle Thy Funny Bone

News in the News

Amid all the shootings, and stories about people blowing each other up, is a scattering of nonsensical news items that make me pause and go, “Hmmm.” 686 more words


My Car Has An Addiction

Buying a used car is tricky business. We worry about the previous owner’s maintenance of the vehicle. We worry it was banged up in a wreck.  488 more words



Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a minute since I last wrote anything. Just doing the stay at home dad thing keeps me busy. When not doing that, I’m doing yard work. 150 more words

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