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The Mysterious Cootie Brown

We were having brunch with friends, and some people who looked like they had been rode hard and put up wet walked into the restaurant. As they slowly made their way to the table, one of our friends said, “They look drunker than Cootie Brown.” 182 more words


Yes, Youtube is still a big filthy can of garbage

I recently had the pleasure of looking through my subscriptions list on youtube and weeding out some channels I was no longer interested in, whether it be content I once liked, but grew out of like Daneboe. 1,011 more words

Level of stupidity: 47 - Charleston area policeman fired for wearing confederate shorts.

And let’s not forget level of arrogance. To have that online right now, when you work for Charleston area PD? That a brassy pair, right there! 244 more words


Fun Facts about 'Ol Dixie #4 "Dude, where's my Confederate flag?"

I don’t care if private businesses sell ISIS flags, Confederate flags, Nazi Flags or, how does it go, yellow purple or green flags. America has been awash with private industry racism, especially those historical classics, Gone With The Wind, Birth of a Nation and Songs of the South come to mind. 705 more words


Well, the painter showed up this morning at 11:05, worked for eighteen minutes and left for lunch at 11:23 saying she’d be back to put down a second coat. 457 more words


When They Gave My Wall A Hip (And Other Not Tall At All Tales)

Well, at least I got to have a decent breakfast today. To wit:

Repair-wise, it was the predictable comedy of errors without the Greek chorus. Two plumbers (well, one plumber and one assistant) popped up at about 8:15 to reattach the legs to the sink and did so in a speedy six minutes. 906 more words