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The Entrance to Hell Has a Drive-Thru Window

This morning, I took my stepdaughter to Dunkin’ Donuts before volleyball practice. It has become a ritual for us. Anyway, I drove behind the building to find a ton of cars lined up for the drive-thru window and decided to go inside, where we found almost no one. 396 more words

Rambling Ruminations

Kicked Back and Relaxed With Ant-Man

On our last day of vacation, I needed to do something different. We had been to the beach. We had been to Savannah, Georgia. We had done everything that there was to do. 326 more words


Driving in Bizarro World

There is always something going on with South Carolina. The state threatened to secede in the 1830s, and it led secession in the 1860s. More recently, the rebel flag has been taken down from its capitol grounds. 314 more words



It’s quite amusing to think back on what I’ve done. Is it a twisted version of regret? I don’t know.

I was supposed to run off to a friend’s house to do school work, since one, it couldĀ give me an incentive and some motivation to do something, and two, staying alone in the house gives me ideas that seem doable and normal at first glance and try until I get hit by the consequences less than two hours later. 161 more words

The Mysterious Cootie Brown

We were having brunch with friends, and some people who looked like they had been rode hard and put up wet walked into the restaurant. As they slowly made their way to the table, one of our friends said, “They look drunker than Cootie Brown.” 182 more words


Yes, Youtube is still a big filthy can of garbage

I recently had the pleasure of looking through my subscriptions list on youtube and weeding out some channels I was no longer interested in, whether it be content I once liked, but grew out of like Daneboe. 1,011 more words