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Stupid Words

Four thirty-five am on a once Monday night.

Sometimes I look at you and I think -

No you don’t think. You never thought.

You’re so pretty. 115 more words

Poem A Day

Ranting Away...Because I Can

Tomorrow I am 36 weeks pregnant. That means:

A. I am officially 9 MONTHS pregnant.

B. One week away from being full term.

C. Exhausted. 1,046 more words

General Silliness

Stupid Word of the Day: Retired

Maybe I’m over thinking things again, but where the heck did the word “retired” come from? We all know it is the golden time in life when you have enough money, you can quit working, but you’re too old to do those things you’ve been wanting to do. 249 more words


SkribbetyPost reblogged this on and commented:

My Neurologist retired and for some reason, that prompted me to question why they call the decision to end your own career, being retired or to retire. Maybe I'm just nuts, but the word is damn stupid.

Why I Hate The Phrase "Turnt Up"

According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of “Turnt Up” is “getting loose “ or to be “drunk, wasted or otherwise impaired.”

Ok, okay, okay. Let’s stop this silliness. 64 more words