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Crazy Mountain Biker In Forrest

This guy is nuts. One slip and he will smash into a tree. And at the speed he is going that would be a very bad thing.


Fighting for Control is Stupid

Ok, here me out, control freaks. I was one of y’all. I was probably amazingly good at it, compared to most. I could bend and manipulate things in my desired direction, always with the best of intentions for the common good (my basis for justification). 171 more words


When You’re Not Picky About Who You Befriend

My friend has 70 statues of legs.

I don’t know how he got ’em,

But I know if he ever spanks a statue

He’ll likely hit rock bottom.


I'd Like A Small Pizza & A Coke To Go.

Where was she when I was in college? So what if she’s a bit greasy? Her charms make up for it. 6 more words


White Men, 2019

One day someone was looking

At a girl with diamond earrings

And thought “hey, those are pretty

“But why not use frisbees instead?”

Thus was the beginning… 15 more words


Dear Apple, Please Don’t Promote BS

“The Universe in Your Pocket: Sanctuary reads you your horoscope, then chats with you about it.”


Dear Apple,

Please don’t promote astrology and similar outdated BS. 20 more words