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The Late Night Thoughts of a Feverish Mind 🤒

I’ve been sick for about three days. I’ve had a fever (Still do) general soreness, mostly in my neck, night sweats, a sore throat and dizzy spells. 652 more words

The Emoji Movie (2017) Review

This movie was so bad, its international release should’ve been considered a gross violation of the Geneva conventions since it’s obviously a method of torture. 728 more words


Unappreciative Preston

After I enthusiastically came back from spreading the word of the Minutemen, doing good and all that, Preston was not impressed at all. In fact all he did was give me a damned cold shoulder and then a little shrug! 23 more words

Video Games

I think most people know this about me already, but I'm really, REALLY not good at this whole "living" thing.

It wasn’t an active process, just background noise, the gears turning and keeping me moving forward. One step, 2 steps, a stumble over a crack in this ancient cement driveway, a crack I’ve known since I was 5 years old, a crack I’ve avoided a 1000 times during games of tag, basketball, hopscotch. 66 more words

My Life - Written By God, Produced By 21st Century Middle America, And Lived By Me, Myself, And I.


I  hate it when I have college  early in the morning but its 3 am already and my thoughts won’t make me sleep.

I mean c’mon I love sleep,who doesn’t love sleep. 59 more words