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The 1967 Buick SportWagon: "It looks more like a luxury car than a station wagon."

No it doesn’t.
It looks just like a late ’60s piece of crap station wagon.
Nice try.

“The children stretch out in the back, gaze up at the stars through the sun roof and they’re off to sleep in no time.” 76 more words


Why Not .03 Per Cent? FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

Today I saw one per cent milk

And so I gave my mom a holler.

Turns it it’s just crappy milk,

Not 100 milks for a dollar.


The Potato Betrayal

Picture this. A local sports bar at 2AM. It’s just the bartenders, the regulars, and well.. me. Why am I at a sports bar (underage might I add) at 2AM? 733 more words

Apathy Fertilizes A Breeding Ground For Stupidity

Stupid: Having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

For years I have been a person that has actively avoided using the word stupid, that ends today. 775 more words

Critical Thinking

Awake and Watching

Today has not been the best day. As a result, a distraction was in order. I scanned Netflix to find one, and Murder Mystery was the first title I saw. 60 more words