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The Australian cricket team, an example to the discerning cricket fan on how to play the game with grace and dignity- $#!+, I meant gross indignity.

Stevie Smiths Winning Ways.

Captain Courageous doesn’t mind the sledge,
It gees up the boys in green, gives ’em an edge,
And, of course, all within the rules of his fair game, 108 more words

Earth hour is tonight – instead of turning off your lights, turn them on to celebrate what electricity has done for mankind — Watts Up With That?

This excellent essay on the Earth Hour event, to be held tonight at 8:30PM in every local time zone, is an eye-opener. Earth Hour is a testament to stupidity, in my opinion, and deserves to be mocked.

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Watts Up With That

Hingham, MA, day twenty, part I - Of management vs. command

Lord, you would think I clapped the eight people on the programming team, a database administrator, and a network engineer in chains and held them captive until the UAT environment was restored to normal yesterday evening.  799 more words

The Fickle Green Finger Of Fate

Hingham, MA, day nineteen, part I

1807 hours on Friday, 03/23/2018.  By this time on Friday evening I’m usually finishing my first Martini as I cook dinner, and well into “The entire world can kiss my a**” mode, but I got a call at 1730 that the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) site was down, and a question from my technical team leader as to whether or not it mattered, as she “wasn’t sure anyone was planning on working in UAT this weekend”. 565 more words


#Facebook threatened to sue The Guardian the day before the Cambridge Analytica story came out #Bullying #DeleteFacebook

Campbell Brown, head of news partnerships at Facebook, said: “If it were me I would have probably not threatened to sue the Guardian,” adding it was “not our wisest move”.

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