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Stupor Tuesday

It s Stupor Tuesday again. Any thoughts on which candidates might be more or less likely to continue warmongering and creating PTSD cases by the million, in America and around the globe? 19 more words

In wine ebriety, or the effect of cultured wine consumption on the human mind

Alcohol consumption and altered state of consciousness

For most people the consumption of alcohol equals getting drunk, and debauchery in the long run. In case of abusive alcohol consumption it is indeed evident that one is gong to feel delirious or given the circumstances become drunk. 1,085 more words

daisy wheel

do you see the flying
paper planes
like breathing
gone all wrong,
and thunder is
a wild escaping
heartbeat of a
storm, and
paper plane, you… 74 more words



Why should I choose to live this way?
Sitting here in a torpid, drunken haze
my view of reality distorted
by the bottom of this dirty glass… 210 more words


One Four Challenge. October Week Three. Urban Madness

When the madness of the liquor starts to get a hold of you, then the world starts to look colourful, blurry…

The lights start to get bright. 6 more words


Embrace in love, or let me find rejection, I dwell unsober (Thukrao ab ke pyaar karo main nashe mei huun)

– Performed live in his concert by legendĀ Jagjit Singh, the ghazal casts such an intoxicating spell, that everyone in audience too finds self in a spell-bound stupor. 280 more words

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