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Stupor Of A Dog

Train loads of working people kept coming and descending down the steps at the Vaishali Metro Station. But the dog slept on with eyes tightly¬†shut, unperturbed, oblivious… 150 more words


…is that the word I am looking for? Does it describe my situation – one that I have placed myself in willingly and now am unable to overcome? 418 more words

Stupor Tuesday

It s Stupor Tuesday again. Any thoughts on which candidates might be more or less likely to continue warmongering and creating PTSD cases by the million, in America and around the globe? 19 more words

daisy wheel

do you see the flying
paper planes
like breathing
gone all wrong,
and thunder is
a wild escaping
heartbeat of a
storm, and
paper plane, you… 74 more words



Why should I choose to live this way?
Sitting here in a torpid, drunken haze
my view of reality distorted
by the bottom of this dirty glass… 210 more words