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Till Morning

She beguiled in inquisitions that bore no truth
I discoursed in ciphers no one sought to solve

I fondly recall in our smoke-yellowed slice of discount heaven… 9 more words

drunk midnight.

in sips of two …

and then three ….

maybe a one here and there

the night i drink

in melodies fine

the most ecstatic sound… 170 more words


Pedals and Pints


Join us as we participate in one of the most popular alley cats in the country, and discover not only a very welcoming bike community, but drink plenty of beer, laugh, ride our bikes long distances, and meet new friends in one of the coldest months of the year. Seriously, it was cold.

Alley Cat

Caught In The Middle

Night falls and morning breaks.

I’m caught in between.

Usually in a stupor.

Unable to prevent either.

Is this a conundrum?

Or am I just in a slumber?


Life Chatter

Wordle #45 Stupor

A fixture, a force within which

I am blind and delicate.

I clutch the chords

Surrounding my heart

That you will not go there,

That your fingers will not ply… 97 more words


Early To Rise

Fellow people of the night, I am here to tell you that a wake up alarm at 4:00 a.m. hurts. It hurts bad. So, I slept through it. 140 more words

Cash Cows

I’m morally obliged to love you,
you crawl under my skin
cut into my field of view
offer me nothing more than mortal sin
I sit here in a sober stupor… 122 more words