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Bondi Shirt – Reiss
511 Slim Trousers – Levi’s

Well, would you look at this beauty of a shirt from Reiss?

The Bondi shirt ticks so many boxes for what makes the perfect floral shirt… Soft floral print, muted colour palette and versatile. 93 more words


Brunch baby? 

Where is on your favourite lazy Sunday agenda?

Dundas & Faussett @ Albert Park –

Fabulous food, Gorgeous Location and lovely shops for the souls. … 53 more words


Pink lemonade

First and foremost, thank you so much for those who have watched the first episode of “Gender and Jakarta” and all the comments that I’m psyched to say that all the comments I’ve received so far were both positive and constructive. 192 more words


Outfit of the Day: Stripes and Florals

So maybe this is from three days ago. I’m a little behind on my posts, okay?

This is one of those minimal effort required outfits. Some days you just wake up and you’re like, okay, if it has to be ironed, I’m not wearing it. 185 more words


Gimme Shelter

Trying to manage a blog while working a full time job is no easy task. So if I am MIA for a week, it’s because I am too tired and lazy to write. 137 more words


So, last week,I had my formal for my sorority. Pepperdine differs from other schools because sorority formals are more like a semi-formal, but it allows for us to get down and dirty with the best of them instead of having to worry about dress trains and strapless gowns. 126 more words