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What's Inside my Handbag? With Hunaina Rasool

Hola Folks! Are you excited to read the very third episode of this series. Guess who is going to be featured in this post? Title disclosed it already, DUHH!! 434 more words


Whatever (the) Weather

Yo, this weather is just doing its own thing lately.

It’s hot AF when it’s supposed to be cold, humid when it’s supposed to be dry, rainy when it’s supposed to be I don’t know what – 57 more words


Style Diaries: Meet Edgar

Edgar’s Style: Follow his personal Instagram here!

What is your style defined as?

I would say I have a minimalist/contemporary/mysterious look. I like a lot of modern/functional pieces that are easy and breathable to wear as well as fabrics that are lightweight. 538 more words


Key Pieces for a Transition Wardrobe

One frustration I have with this autumn is that in the morning it can be rather chilly and by mid-afternoon, it’s in the 80s.  You just can’t win either freeze in the office or sweat to death when you walk to the car.   555 more words


What's Inside my Handbag? with Sainab

Hi beauties! Here I am with my second, pretty girly, post of the series. And this series would be incomplete without featuring this gorgeous lady from  635 more words


What's Inside my Handbag? with Hira Khalid

Hellooo pretty ladies, hellooo to the brightest nation. Well, I hope I don’t need to introduce myself but if you don’t know me I am Sahar, a girl with a dupatta who’s got swag ;) and for rest just go and see “about me”. 461 more words


The Importance of Accessorizing

Now, I’m not saying that you need to accessorize every single outfit. Sometimes a simple, minimalistic style is just perfect or perhaps the outfit is more than outgoing enough for accessories to be added. 223 more words