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How to ROCK your Band Tee!

Ok! Ok! So I’m guilty, I’ve never actually jammed out to Van Halen but who says I can’t support them? Well when a random but loyal fan of theirs walks up to you saying “That’s a SICK shirt” and continues to rant about their favorite songs it may be an issue. 476 more words


Welcome back, I've been expecting you

Hi there harem pants, cork wedges, gypsy-boho chic, off the shoulder, tied at the waist, embellished jackets, shoulder pads, how the hell are you? So you decided to visit us again, did you miss us, or did twenty years go by and you thought to give us another whirl?   362 more words

The Bomber bummer: my appointment with disappointment.

The trials and tribulations of denying yourself the jacket you most want. Why? Because I was I was starting to resemble a potato in a really great jacket…for the full story, read on. 692 more words

You there in the sad face, with your period pants on, let's live it up. Or not. Shut up.

Warning, this is a blog about periods.  You shouldn’t read it if you have an issue with periods or talking about them or honesty.  Ok. I’m going in. 700 more words

Be your own firecracker

I’m sitting here with a glass of wine, following another glass of wine with a dear friend. This post is a bit more personal that I have posted before, but it’s something I feel strongly about and a reason why I started Sisterhood of Style – which is to be a champion of a sister’s self confidence. 742 more words

Excitement Abounds!

Soooo much happening Jamberry Way this weekend!

I’m excited about our current Throw-Back Thursday wraps, and the Sister Style this month — particularly when I realized how very cool they’ll look with one of my custom designs! 53 more words


Power-Shopping Queens

Hello my sisters from other misters – (please imagine the guy who does the voiceovers in the movies, reading this to you) –  Welcome to the world of power-shopping. 628 more words