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In My Humble Opinion - The Fallacy Of Style Over Substance

The logical fallacy of a blanket criticism by M.Schinke Trust me; I’m more than I look like, Opinionnerds

Okay, I’m starting research on a new What Was That All About article on Tim Burton’s 1989 film adaptation of Batman so, as always, one of the first things I do is I hit the Googles to see what, if anything, anyone else has to say on the subject. 2,371 more words

My Humble Opinion

Round or Flat, Does it Matter?

The world is still arguing about the shape of… well, the world. The debate has raged for millennia, regardless of how much evidence seems to push the scale to the argument for roundness. 214 more words

Living Conditions

Welcome to the Punch - Forgettable Style Over Substance

Welcome to the Punch is one of if not the weirdest watching experiences I have had in a while. Not to say that it is anything special, but rather I was often confused about how mixed I was on the film. 1,095 more words


Labour’s water tax a case of style over substance — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Labour always seems to do this. They launch a policy with no substance, no detail and finances wrapped around it. People then set about filling in the substantial gaps.

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Unsolicited Comment: The Definition of "Style Over Substance"

I rediscovered Red Letter Media recently. In one of their recent episodes, Jay defines “style over substance,” something that I assumed I knew what people meant when they said it and never thought to formally define. 249 more words